While new looks are always fun to try out, there is a reason some have remained staples. If you're rocking box braids right now you may be looking for ways to change them up or just get them off your neck, and this DIY high bun with box braids is a protective style anyone can do.

Lesley @freshlengths
Photo courtesy of @freshlengths

This style is perfect for a day-time professional look at the office, a dinner date after work, or a night out with friends, which makes it a go-to for many natural women. If you regularly wear your hair in box braids, you probably know the few setbacks that come with these long braids, like whipping your face when you go for a run, making your neck too warm, or rubbing against your clothes or seat and causing your braids to frizz. Switching up your style into a high bun box braid however, can alleviate these setbacks in an instant. Its simple application and intricate look has made this look a classic for generations, with curly and natural women rocking the style for all sorts of occasions.

Since the weather and an active lifestyle can make wearing long hair more difficult, you might be searching for an alternative to wearing your braids down. This DIY high bun with box braids is just what you, and your sweaty neck have been searching for. Follow these 5 simple steps to achieve your own classic high bun with box braids look.

Step 1. Hang your box braids over your head and gather them into a ponytail where you want your bun to be. For a higher bun, you want to place your gathered hair as near to the top of your crown as you can, depending on your preference of placement.

Step 2. Once you have the base of the ponytail where you want your bun to sit, secure your hair into a ponytail with a hair tie. If your braids are thick or you want a way to do this without taking on damage, a good trick is to use a bandanna or scarf in place of a hair tie to secure your ponytail.

Step 3. Begin twisting the braids to wrap them around the ponytail. Make sure you pulled up on the braids gently before this step or check now to make sure you don't have any braids that aren't flat against your head below the bun. Keep twisting the braids until they are wrapped all the way around.

Step 4. Tuck the ends of the braids under the bun and secure them either by tucking them into the hair tie or with the use of bobby pins.

Step 5. Adjust the bun to the position and shape you desire. Make sure you secure any loose areas with bobby pins to keep it in place.

And that's all there is to it! With these 5 simple steps, creating a DIY high bun with box braids is fast and easy. To see this look created in minutes, watch the full tutorial!