Regardless of what time of year it is, incorporating hair accessories to your wardrobe can add a little spice to your life.

Hair accessories can dress you up, dress you down, cover up a bad hair day and trick others into thinking your hair isn’t dirty. Most of the time I wear them due to pure laziness but if laziness can make me look chic, I’m all in. Check out some of my personal favorites.

Wide-Brimmed Hats

An easy solution that requires very little effort. Wide brimmed hats are my favorite because they offer more sun protection on my face and scalp–the sun does not discriminate! Personally, I love the way they look with curls, whether it’s a short or long hairstyle. A felt hat is stylish and keeps my head warm during the winter months. During the summer, I wear a ventilated, lightweight material like straw so my scalp can breathe.

woman with natural curly hair wearing brown wide brimmed hat

Photos courtesy of @DiscoCurls

On those days that my hair is stretched to the max, headbands offer a little glam. They also keep my hair out of the way while I am at the gym. When my hair is colored but needs a touch-up, a headband can mask any regrowth. It’s especially helpful when my bangs are too long and in need of a trim. I typically wear a cloth style headband when I’m active so that they absorb any excess moisture. Embellished or plastic frame headbands can fancy up any outfit.

woman with natural hair wearing purple and blue headband


Turbans are very special to me, partly because my mother is the queen of them. While living in Jamaica, she would wrap her hair up in a turban to match her outfits. When I style any of them, it’s a constant reminder of my mother; they just exude drama no matter what you put on. They can dress up a maxi dress or add glamour to a one-piece. Give me a sequin turban and I’ll transform into the queen of the dance floor. To protect my curls, I’ve learned to sew in satin fabric.

woman with natural hair wearing beiege turban


Beanies bring out the tomboy in me. However, I have learned not to wear them unless I am wearing a satin bonnet underneath. Many beanies are commonly made with fleece, yarn, cotton and wool which are not curl friendly. Those kind of fabrics tend to snag on my delicate curls, causing unnecessary breakage and frizz.

woman with natural curly hair wearing grey beanie and hoop earrings

What I love most about all of these accessories is the versatility. As a lazy natural, they allow me to stay stylish even on the days that I’m just not feeling it.

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Rochelle Masella

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