NaturallyCurly: Please introduce yourself!

Alisa Kress: My name is Alisa Kress. I am a wife, mother, professional fitness competitor, fitness model, the owner and creator of Snuggle Me’z and a curl lover.

NC: How and when did you start embracing your curls, or have you always enjoyed and embraced your curls?


NC: What is your current routine/regimen?

AK: I wash with the new Paul Mitchell Curls Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo and condition with Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Conditioner. I always comb my hair out while it’s conditioning in the shower. Once I’m out I apply Paul Mitchell Curls Full Circle Leave-In Treatment to help with any frizz. I separate my hair in about 5 sections and add Twirl Around Crunch-Free Curl Definer to make sure my curls get proper definition. Once, I’ve added this I will spray with the Texturing Sea Spray, air dry and go… so easy! Once a week I will deep condition with the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment to nourish my thirsty curls.

NC: What about your hair stylists?

AK: My stylist ROCKS. She specializes in curly hair, so she knows what works best for curly hair. She is AMAZING. If you are ever in Northern California stop by and see her: Jen Nordan at the Gallery Salon. Believe me, after she cuts your hair, no one else will compare.


AK: There are so many ways to wear my hair curly. I can leave it down and natural, which seems to be my four-year-olds' favorite way. I will put part of it up so it’s out of my face if I am going to be moving around a lot. My favorite up style is to wear it in a high side knot with some pieces falling out.

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Alisa Kress on the cover of a magazine

NC: What are your must-have products and tools?

AK:  Paul Mitchell Twirl Around
Super Skinny Serum

NC: What reaction did you get when you first decided to go naturally curly?

AK:  NC: Did you every have any curly girl insecurities? AK: 

NC: What do you do at nighttime for your hair?

AK: Not a thing — I just let them go. I do try to lay my hair over my pillow so only my "under curls" touch pillow, but who knows how long they actually stay there.

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Curly Hair Interview

NC: What is the best thing about being curly? How has having curly hair impacted your life?

AK: I l

NC: Does having curly hair affect your everyday life?

AK: I t

NC: What would you tell others to encourage them to embrace their curls?


NC: Tell us about your current and upcoming projects. Tell us about your life and what you are up to!

AK:  Snuggle Me’z MORE:  Yoga Class Focuses on Curly Hair and Body Image