Meet Ashley Jackson, a 21 year old curly truck driver from Plano, TX.

NC: What is the best thing about being curly?

AJ: The best thing about being curly is that not many people have curly hair like mine. It is a blessing from God that makes me unique.

NC: Does having curly hair affect your everyday life?

AJ: When I played basketball in school, someone’s hand would always get stuck in my hair, or someone would always pull it. Also, I must always have product in my hair for it to look presentable.

NC: What would you tell others to encourage them to embrace their curls?

AJ: Experiment with different products to find what is right for your hair. Not all products work the same for all curlies. It took me years to find the right product.

NC: Tell us more about your current and upcoming projects!

AJ: I’m still a trucker and I travel across the United States daily. In my spare time, I love to cook and bake. I also love training animals to do tricks and perform for people.

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