Meet Jessica Fortin, a Boston College student who keeps her curly routine surprisingly simple.

NC: What are your must-have products and tools?

JF: I always need clips or bobby pins to hold my hair away from my face. As far as product goes, I love my Frederic Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner and the Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream. I don't change up my products very often...I like to stick with what I know!

NC: What are your favorite hairstyles to wear with your curls?

JF: I like to wear my hair back and out of my face. I usually wear it half-up by pulling it back in a clip or I use bobby pins and braid back the sides.

NC: What do you do at nighttime for your hair?

JF: Aside from scrunching my hair with product after I shower, I don't really do anything for my hair at night. I just go to sleep and wake up with a curly surprise in the morning!

NC: What about your hair stylists?

JF: I have been going to the same stylist for years and I won't go to anyone else! Her name is Wendy and she's great because she keeps it simple—she thins out my hair a bit and layers it to take off some of the weight without making my hair an awkward length, which can be terrible with curly hair!

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