Naturally Curly: Please, introduce yourself!

Paloma Herman: Hello! So glad to be able to get in the NaturallyCurly mix. My name is Paloma. I am a happy east coast transplant to the Bay Area for five years and counting. My mom is Brazilian, but the curls definitely come from my father’s Jewish side of the family. I am an educator, a lover of home-cooking and an enthusiast of handwritten correspondence. I hope that everyone will one day feel comfortable rocking their own style.

NC: How and when did you start embracing your curls?

PH: Just recently, actually, thanks to NaturallyCurly’s own Cassidy Blackwell, my dear friend and roommate. Two years ago, we took a very memorable trip to Discount Beauty Supply in the Fillmore District, and somewhere between the packs of Kanekalon hair and the wide-tooth combs, I started spouting my hair history and couldn’t stop! I finally articulated the inferiority complex I had growing up, seeing so few curly hair role models and coveting the straight hair of my female friends. I really had no idea how to cut or style curly hair and be excited about it. I also didn’t know I harbored so many feelings about my hair! With Cassidy cheerleading the reclaiming of my curls, and urging me to think of them as a unique asset, right there, at Discount Beauty Supply, I acquired my own curly hair power and haven’t looked back.

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