Every curly girl knows that a shower can do wonders for your hair. It can re-define curls, give hair much needed moisture, help with damage control—the list goes on and on.

While most of us are trained to shower first and style second, there might be a better way to give our curls what they need for them to look and feel their best. I know the struggle of waking up with barely enough time to detangle, wash, and style your hair, and make it to work on time. But, I’ve come to find that styling in the shower helps.

After a few rushed mornings, I’ve found that styling in the shower does more than just save time. Here are four reasons why I style my hair in the shower:

3 Reasons to Style Your Hair in the Shower

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1. Prevent damage from brushing

Some curly girls like to detangle their hair before hopping in the shower. Brushing out curly hair when it’s dry can lead to serious breakage, especially if it’s been a few days since your last wash. Even with a wide-toothed comb and all the best techniques, you can snap your dry curls, leaving you with frizzy locks.

When you brush your hair out in the shower, you can save your hair from this type of breakage. Get your curls soaking wet and douse them with conditioner. The curls on the back of your head are extra tangled and frizzy, so don’t skimp out. Let your whole head soak in water and conditioner for a few minutes to loosen up knots and break down stubborn frizz. By doing this, you will have an easier and less painful session brushing out your locks.

And remember, always, always, always brush from the bottom, up! Starting with your comb at the top of your hair and working your way down will just push all of the knots together, creating one big super-knot that you’ll have to work on for hours to detangle.

Work your way up from the bottom to eliminate knots in the fastest and safest way.

2. Give your curls extra hydration

Curls crave one thing—moisture. Where do they get the most moisture from? The shower.

By harnessing the moisture of a shower, you can give your curls even more hydration to make them extra bouncy, defined, and luxurious.

Your hair starts to dry the minute you step out of the shower. When you wait to style your hair until after you’ve gotten your makeup and clothes on, your hair has already lost a lot of the moisture it received from the shower. Your curls will be less defined, and more likely to frizz right up. Sealing the cuticle with product before leaving the shower will help you retain all of that amazing hydration you just received from the shower.

3 Reasons to Style Your Hair in the Shower

Pictured: @mapetitecurls

3. Your products will work better

Many products made for curly hair, are designed to work their best when hair is soaking (and we mean dripping”> wet. When curls are wet, they are at their peak. They’re fully defined and loaded with moisture. The cuticle of the hair is open and ready to cling onto anything to help it stay in that state. By closing the cuticle with products specifically made for curly hair, you will get better results. Your curls will be less frizzy, more defined, and will hold for longer.

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Styling in the shower might be a totally new venture for you. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had the same curly hair routine for months, if not years. Try breaking out of that habit and styling your hair in the shower tomorrow morning. You’ll notice a difference in the way your curls look and feel throughout the day. They’ll be less frizzy, more defined, and even with using the same products, it will feel as if you’re using something totally new.

Do you style in the shower? If so, what are some tips that you can recommend to a fellow curly girl who’s thinking of making the switch?

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