New month, new me…or better yet new curls. We’re ushering in the second month of 2022 with some much needed TLC for our curls by celebrating the winners of our Best of the Best awards with reviews. These products were voted on by you and have stood out from the competition for their ability to provide the results we care about most. Our 2021 Leave-In Conditioner winners were full of new and timeless brands looking to give us all the hydration and moisture we needed with amazing ingredients our curls would love. The hallmark of a good leave-on conditioner is the ability to smooth, soften, detangle, and leave our curls frizz-free in one foul swoop. These are typically applied after a wash day, but can also be applied to damp curls throughout the week to revive dry or damaged curls. Leave-in conditioners can be used as a styling product or as a crucial component of your hair regime to prep the curls for protective styles. 

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The Product: Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner

Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner focuses on bringing healthy hair to the forefront of your daily routine and is especially formulated for thick, curly, and coily hair. It’s a lightweight leave-in conditioner that can be used for detangling and helping add moisture and hydration to each and every strand you have. The ingredients include babassu oil and citrus extracts for shiny, frizz-free results that protect the hair.

The Problem with Leave-Ins

Finding a good leave-in conditioner can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. For most naturalistas it’s about finding a product with the perfect blend of ingredients and formula to give us the results we desire without breaking the bank or needing to layer a bunch of additional products for results. I’ve recently discussed how my journey with blonde curls requires me to give additional TLC to my damaged curls so finding a leave-in conditioner that can help aid and protect them is very important. There were a few of my staple products I had to set aside once I started bleaching my hair because they weren’t formulated to help color-treated curls, so there has definitely been trial and error to finding a good arsenal of products to use.

My Review of Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner 

The Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner has been a staple of my beauty regimen in the past so I was very excited to review this product with my current curls. What I have always loved about this product is its smell, texture, and ability to give me excellent results for my wash day. It’s rich, creamy, and has a balanced fragrance despite being a sweeter smelling product which is better for people like me who prefer a fragrance-less hair care regime.

How I used it

I decided to use this product as part of my wash day so I started by using the Mielle Organics Babassu Conditioning Sulfate-Free Shampoo to start the process. Once I get done washing, I lightly detangle my hair with a denman brush before applying the product to work through any tough spots for easier application. I toggle between finger detangling or using a brush depending on the amount of time I have, but try to start some of the work before applying the product. I then work the leave-in conditioner through my hair section by section starting from the bottom and working my way up to the root of my hair.

How it worked on my curls

This product easily glides through my hair and I can instantly see my curls starting to define while I’m working through other sections of my hair. It’s lightweight, rich, and just creamy enough that it coats my strands without too much additional product. Typically I do the LCO method but for this review I wanted to show the results of the product solo, so I let it air dry for optimal results! Frizz free and defined curls that I could easily manipulate into another style or wear as they are.

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