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Dear Ouidad:

I am 45-years-old and was blessed with naturally curly hair. All my life I have struggled with this thick, Italian, very curly hair and dreamed of having hair like Cher, or straight hair.

Finally, a year ago my stylist gave me a Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment which I loved and my life changed for the better. It lasted 9 months and I had another treatment ($200 a treatment) which was not as successful as my first. I had a mini treatment in between as instructed, but I am afraid my old hair has won the battle and I am, once again, battling this curly hair drama.

I don't want to spend money on another treatment, but my stylist told me she did the same thing as the first time and I need to use the Simply Smooth products.

My question to you is what can or should I do? Is there something I can purchase myself and treat my hair like the Simply Smooth? I am desperate for your sound advice.

Dear Desperate in NY: I always advise my clients to avoid straightening treatments. Naturally curly hair is gorgeous and straightening seriously damages the hair. So my advice to you is to embrace your curls! Start doing a weekly deep treatment to repair the damage and replace lost proteins. Once your hair starts to become healthier you can cut back to every other week. Also, as you transition, try visiting a stylist who has experience and training in cutting curly hair.