I Straightened My Hair So Much I Cant Tell My Curl Pattern

Robin Sjoblom, owner and curly hair specialist at Southern Curl Inc. in West Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia, answers your biggest curl questions. This month, she takes on heat damage and keeping the bounce in your curls throughout the day.

The Questions

Question: I used to straighten my hair so much that I’m not sure what my natural curl pattern/type is! Are my curls falling because of heat damage from straightening? Any advice?

Robin: Although curly hair has always been known as the chameleon of hair types, it is not impervious to heat stress —- you cannot live happily and unscathed in the dual world of straight and curly. You will have to make a choice. Straightening your hair with heat has a negative effect on natural curls, and all the treatments in the world will not resuscitate the life back into your curly hair. If you are looking to see your curly blessing once more, you will have to remove the heat-stressed hair from your head. This is the only way to change your #CurlStory and embrace your curly blessing.

Question: My hair has so much more body and curl to it, but by the end of the day, my curls turn more into loose waves.

Robin: Weather and your product regimen will play a serious role in your end-of-day curl bounce. The season and the humidity level will also determine your morning routine and style longevity. You can minimize end-of-day curl drama by adding a stronger gel to your routine, and a flexible holding spray. These small product adjustments will clear the path for a happier #CurlStory. Lastly, remember your curl-scription will never be the same from season to season. Just like we adjust our clothing from spring and summer to fall and winter, you must make the same adjustments for your curls.

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