Anyone in a salon chair knows it can be difficult to find Black natural hair stylists and salons. Effectively working with textured hair requires skill, dexterity, and a deep understanding of how to manipulate each texture best.

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The problem is that there are a disproportionately low number of professional stylists who understand how to work across all hair types—and, more specifically, the intricacies of Black hair—which means people with natural textures are often left out of the conversation. Most stylists outside of the Black community have little to no education about Black hair. 

The bigger issue is that many stylists are not taught to work with and appreciate curly hair, let alone coily, or kinky hair types. We’re often left to deal with the lack of education and salon service around natural hair, and on top of that, we might find ourselves in a situation where we’re left feeling demeaned and belittled at the hands of a stylist trying to put all textures into one box and method.

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After being frustrated that hair school curriculums weren’t adequately training stylists on natural hair, Aisha Gatlin, who founded the Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology, said “Stylists are educated in pretty much one hair type because they don’t need to know more for their state exam—but when they get into the salon, it’s like they’re back in beauty school again.” Only 19 states require specific training for it.

The focus should not be on passing the state exam but on truly leaving with the knowledge to manage all hair types. Without the foundation of what constitutes healthy hair for a range of textures, stylists aren’t equipped with the full scope of knowledge they need to help their clients. More educators who are well-versed in all hair textures are needed. 

With all that being said, I’m sharing Black natural hair stylists and salons to follow and support in this article. To celebrate the work of the talented and underrepresented Black hair artists, you can start by supporting their work on social media.

The Daze Studio

Location: San Diego, CA

Top Black Natural Hair Salons Specializing in Natural Hair
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Daisy Henson, aka Curly Daze, owns The Daze Studio curly hair salon in San Diego, CA. Curly Daze is known for her beautifully shaped, transformative, curly cuts. She is also a hair educator for Cosmo Prof and was named Modern Salon’s Top 100 for 2020. 

Huetiful Hair Salon

Locations: Arlington, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Chicago and Atlanta

Top Black Natural Hair Salons Specializing in Natural Hair

Ken Burkeen, the creator of the Huetiful Hair Steamer, founded Huetiful. Ken’s mission is to introduce clients to “The 4 Healthy Hair Pillars” (cleansing, hydrating, conditioning, and strengthening).

They specialize particularly in helping women and men with hair transitions for chemically damaged hair.

Taji Salon

Location: Raleigh, NC

Top Black Natural Hair Salons Specializing in Natural Hair
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This salon specializes in natural hair styling and braiding. Taji has trained natural hair professionals who aim to help you reach your goals. While traveling and performing, Taji discovered that natural hair is an art form. Understanding the creative potential of our natural hair has always been a driving force for Taji.

Fifteen years ago, in the Triangle, when natural hair was not in vogue, Taji continued to pursue her dream of starting a natural hair movement in the area. She styles, cuts, and colors hair and holds workshops for those looking to learn more about their natural hair. 

Fabulocs Salon

Location: Capitol Heights, MD

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Fabulocs is one of the most sought-after natural hair salons on the East Coast, specializing in kinky and coily textures. All their stylists are evaluated, tested, and trained to ensure their ability meets Fabulocs professional standards. Also, Fabulocs takes the time to ensure that their customers are educated about their natural hair too.

More Than Curly

Location: Aurora, CO

Top Black Natural Hair Salons Specializing in Natural Hair

More Than Curly is a natural and chemical-free salon that Melissa and Jason Vaz founded. They are stylists and strongly focus on teaching about curly hair. They also live by this creed: “We DO NOT perform Brazilian blowouts, Dominican, Keratin straightening treatments, or all-over relaxers.

Why? Most of our clients live in Colorado, a semi-arid environment, and costly services performed on natural hair will alter your curl pattern, dry out your hair, cause even more frizz, and require more product application to hydrate your hair.” They’ve been featured as an ELLE Magazine Top 100 Salon. 

Hair Rules

Location: Manhattan, NY with pop-ups in LA

Image Source: @heatherdollandtaman

The Texture Guru Anthony Dickey founded Hair Rules. He carried with him a dream of celebrating all textures and the knowledge of how to do it for decades. In 2003, Dickey shared his knowledge and wrote his first book, Hair Rules! The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly, or Wavy Hair. This extensive guide of texture talk, tips, and tricks was the first step toward educating all textures on the beauty of their natural hair. He’s been educating curlies ever since! 

A Natural Affair

Top Black Natural Hair Salons Specializing in Natural Hair

Location: Jackson, TN

Takeisha Berry-Brooks of A Natural Affair is a pioneering hair care specialist, stylist, and beauty expert with more than 15 years of experience caring for clients with chemically processed and natural hair. Essence Magazine has recognized Takeisha as one of the’ 25 Most Beautiful and Inspiring Black Women in the World,’ and A Natural Affair Salon was named one of the Essence Top 30 Salons in the US.

Diaspora Salon

Location: Baltimore, MD

Top Black Natural Hair Salons Specializing in Natural Hair

Diaspora Salon was founded by Yasmine Young, a Level 3 Master Deva Certified Stylist. Her mission for Diaspora Salon is to focus on “the preservation and continuance of various Diasporic cultures and heritages outside of Africa through hairdressing.” They specialize in 100% naturally curly and coily hair, curl discovery, advanced curly hair cuts, DevaCuts, advanced color services, holistic hair care, protective styling, and professional and consumer education.

LunaBella Makeup & Hair Salon

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Top Black Natural Hair Salons Specializing in Natural Hair
Image Source: @curlfactor

LunaBella Makeup & Hair Salon in Santa Barbara, CA, was co-founded by Christin Brown, aka Curlfactor. She is a Level 3 Master Deva Certified Curl Specialist specializing in transformative Deva Cuts and Pintura color. She has styled the natural hair of Yara Shahidi and Tamera Mawrey, and she loves educating her clients on making their curls pop. 

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