As a curly single, I am always faced with the ever-present question when going out with friends or going on a first date: To straighten, or not to straighten? Forget Shakespeare—this is the real question.

I go back and forth with this almost every weekend. I love to wear my hear in its naturally curly state most of the time, and I want to make sure that if I meet a guy that I am not fooling him with a straight 'do. I want him to like me for me. This must be why I am automatically drawn to curly men. So in the spirit of (the cursed) Valentine's Day, I have compiled a list of why you should date another curly. As the oh-so-curly co-founder of would put it, CURL POWER!

1. Product

I dated my first curly guy in high school and found out that more than a few times, I would forget my hair product for my after-practice shower (I was a cheerleader—don't hold that against me). It came in very handy to have a boyfriend who kept a giant bottle of product in his gym locker. Granted, it was the cheapest, biggest bottle he could find, it was still better than walking around with frizz-head all day.

2. Morning Hair

My soon-to-be brother-in-law was in complete shock at seeing my morning lion's mane for the first time while we were all visiting my parents for the weekend. One thing that you will never have to worry about when attending a "slumber part"y at your curly guy's place for the first time is him finding you more in correlation with a side-show performer than a sexy, confident curly head. You may still run to the bathroom in the morning for a quick drool spot-check, but will never have to justify why your hair added 5 inches to your height overnight. Besides, no straight-haired guy understands the term "second-day hair".

3. Hats

Most guys are perplexed by a woman in a hat. Any kind of hat freaks them out; the baseball cap is too much like their buddy, and you can't rock a stocking hat in the middle of spring. With a curly guy, he will never second-guess that you might just be having a lazy hair day and for the sake of your relationship, will more than endure a day wearing anything on that head that you wish. Added bonus: most curly guys I have dated keep a plethora of hats stashed all over, and in the strangest places!

4. Personality

This is my favorite one; curly guys seem to be so much more adventurous. My theory is that they grew up with an unruly mane (just like ours), and knew that they were larger than life (just like their hair). I think this builds character in a guy, and encourages them to be unique. Other than that, you can relate because you are kindred and wild spirits who are bucking society and letting your fierceness shine through!

My personal message for all of those single curlies out there this Valentine's Day: Don't let any man alter the way you feel about your hair—ever! Would you change your eye color for a guy? No way. So instead of sitting at home pining about your single status this V-Day, take your fabulous self to the nearest Ulta, Sephora, Target or Walgreens and treat yourself to some curl lovin' products. In the end, you will save yourself unwanted poundage, and gain a wild, crazy, beautiful head of confident curls!