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Caring for and styling your hair should never feel like a war or a critically defining moment. This is a time to enjoy yourself, your hair, and embrace all that it has to offer. Spring is definitely in the air! This is a great time to evaluate and lighten up your hair care regimen. Show your hair some love with these great tips below.

Product tips

1. Switch out your products.

It is easier to maintain hair’s moisture levels during this season. There is no need to use heavy oils or butters (such as castor oil and shea butter”>. They are great for sealing in moisture during the winter months but not necessary now. Begin utilizing lightweight oils such as avocado oil, sunflower oil, or jojoba oil. I like to use Daily Dew oil.

2. Embrace humectants.

Use liquid and cream moisturizers that contain glycerin. It does not need to be too much because too much glycerin can cause hair to swell or revert if straightened. If your hair is dry or is in need of moisture, this will be your bestie.

Wash day tips

3. Relax.

Don’t make this more difficult than it has to be. Pre-poo with an oil or rinse out conditioner of choice. This is a great way to moisturize and detangle the hair to reduce breakage, then shampoo. Be sure to focus on the scalp. Follow up with a (optional”> protein treatment and (always”> moisturizing deep conditioning session or hot oil treatment. I call this a full wash day.

4. Use cleansing conditioners between full wash days


It is a great way to remove water-soluble product buildup, cleanse the scalp, and refresh the hair with a great dose of moisture. Follow up with a quick rinse out conditioner. There is no need to deep condition more than once a week. This process is fast and highly effective.

Styling tips

5. Keep it simple.

Use styling products and gels. Be sure to apply an oil to prevent gel cast from forming. No one likes crunchy curls. Go for styles that fit your lifestyle. If you are very active and not into doing your hair daily, your go to should be low manipulation styles, such as braids, updos, buns, etc. For those who love to rock their hair out and about then wash n go’s, twist-outs and braid-outs are the way to go.

6. Trim those ends.

This is critical. Don’t hold on to flimsy, stressed, or frayed ends. They deter your length retention, reduce the overall health of your hair, and look bad. Have a lot of single strand knots (ssks”>? Cut them off. You will love how much better your hair will look and feel afterwards. Be sure to baby your ends. That doesn’t stop year-round. After moisturizing, be sure to apply a bit of oil to your ends. This keeps them smooth and deters damage.

7. Accessorize your situation.

Try out new looks! Wear different hair wraps, headbands, flowers, earrings, and other items to add some flare to your style.

8. Straighten your hair less.

With increased moisture in the environment, the chances of a straight hair style surviving for the week are minimal. Wear more textured styles and your natural hair pattern (curls, kinks, coils or waves”>. Give the hair tools a break.

9. Lastly, if it is working then don’t change it.

Don’t change up your routine if you have found something that works for you. That is ideal. If your routine is overly complicated these tips will help you to simplify it. Give these suggestions a try and share how it has impacted your hair care routine. Enjoy!

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