Whether it's your first year on campus or your last, all college curlies want to make a good impression on the first day of classes! Here are some tips to get your curls, coils and kinks looking great!

  • You'll be walking across a large campus during the day, and here in Texas at least, it's still insanely hot, so style your hair away from your neck and face. Use an elastic headband, bobby pins, or wear your hair in a high bun to stay cool.
kinky curly curing custard
Use a gel or serum to keep your hair locked into its curl pattern and prevent frizziness. Kinky Curly Curling Custard is a great soft gel, but when using products with more hold, remember to use your favorite leave-in or oil first to prevent crunchy curls.
dorm room curly hair
If you're living in a dorm room this semester and you share a bathroom, try detangling your hair in your room. This will cut down on your time in the shower, and your roommate will thank you!

A beautiful twistout from Design Essentials.

Sport your favorite easy style during the week, then rock your curliest curls for the weekend! If you have an afro or very coily hair, try wearing two-strand twists throughout the week then rock an amazing twist-out to those back-to-school parties!
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Compliment other college curlies you see! Nothing starts a great first conversation better! Trade tips, favorite products, and refer them to your favorite naturally curly blogs and websites.

NaturallyCurly.com wishes you a great semester!