Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble Answers Your Winter Haircare Questions

Kim Kimble is an industry legend who has created hundreds of iconic looks that you’ve pinned, saved, and bookmarked from your faves. As a celebrity hairstylist, she’s become the go-to stylist for stars like Beyoncé, Zendaya, Halle Berry, and Brandy, just to name a few. While her talents can be viewed by everyone on-screen or on red carpets, this beauty maven was determined to carve out her own space in the beauty category. She used her expertise to create her own line of styling tools, wigs, and haircare products that can be used to renew, restore, and transform your everyday curls, coils, and waves.

Our readers submitted their burgeoning winter haircare questions to be answered by Kim Kimble, and she delivered all the details to survive the winter.

What’s your favorite celebrity hairstyle you created?

Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble Answers Your Winter Haircare Questions
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Beyonce’s Coachella look is my favorite celebrity hairstyle that I have created. It was a gorgeous half up half-down with amazing texture.

Did you get to style or create any of the wigs for the Renaissance tour? (if not- What recommendations do you have for first-time wig users?)

No, I did not. My recommendation is to try to get the right style and the right fit. 

Which product from your brand is best for type 4 hair?

Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble Answers Your Winter Haircare Questions

For type 4 hair, I would recommend my Peppermint Cream Shampoo for a deep clean without stripping the hair of its oils. I would then follow up with the Curl Defining Conditioner 

How do you avoid breakage in the wintertime?

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Protecting your ends during the cold winter months is key to retaining length and avoiding breakage. The easiest way to protect your ends is using a Kim Kimble Silk Bonnet or the Kim Kimble Silk Pillowcase. This will prevent any snagging and will make a great difference in your hair health without any effort. Silk also works to protect hair from the loss of natural oils and moisture.

What are some remedies to cure an itchy scalp?

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Oiling your scalp regularly is a great remedy for a dry, itchy scalp. The Kim Kimble™ Replenishing Oil Drops is a light oil formula that helps nourish an itchy scalp. This product is great for braids, natural hair, locks, and extensions. I also recommend the Kim Kimble Scalp Relief Itch Spray. 

Should I get a silk press or blowout?

I recommend getting a silk press because they often last longer than blowouts. A silk press can last up to two weeks if you take care of it properly. The only downside to a silk press is that the exposure to humidity or moisture can revert the treatment. 

Is it better to use a hair mask or deep conditioner?

Choosing between a hair mask or a deep conditioner depends on the type of hair you have. Deep conditioners tend to be lighter, while a hair mask is thick, richer, and provides more hydration. So if you want a more intense treatment, going with a hair mask is the right move. 

Do all hair textures need a protein treatment?

When hair is weak, a protein treatment can be beneficial to strengthening any hair type, especially when using color or relaxers. So while they don’t necessarily need a protein treatment, all hair types could use one to treat any damage. 

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