By: Taneica of Shatterproof Glass Dolls
Taneica of Shatterproof Glass Dolls

My name is Taneica, and I'm one half of the duo that makes up the Shatterproof Glass Dolls!

Shatterproof Glass Dolls is a natural haircare, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle website created to empower women to be their best, brightest and most beautiful selves. We believe in being unapologetically fabulous and having fun doing it! Our mantra is A Shatterproof Glass Doll is a fragile woman who can never be broken beyond repair. We believe that laughing, learning and loving are what life is all about!

I'm so excited to be working with the Texture Squad this year in preparation for the June 2nd Curly Pool Party in Orlando! Though I won't be in attendance (I'm so screw-faced about it, believe me), I will be Twittering all afternoon and Skyping in to enjoy the festivities with all of you bathing beauties!

It's an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to team up with the gorgeous dolls over at NaturallyCurly and TextureMedia!

As a lifelong natural, it's so exciting to see all these gorgeous curly coifs popping up all over the place! What's even more awesome is that we're finally loving and celebrating our naturally, stunning selves! Woot woot to that!

Have you sent in your RSVP for the Curly Pool Party? Don't miss out on this curl-tas-tic event!