By: Jennifer Kenny, The Curl Girl 
Curly blonde hair

Long lazy days by the pool and in the sun yields me lots of curlies with washed out color. I’m going to share the at-home routines and in-salon services I’ve prescribed for 3 of my clients a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. If you’re suffering from summer hair color blah’s, ask your stylist if some of these options will work for you.

Blonde Bombshell Nicole

Nicole is what I refer to a Billboard Client. She is literally a walking billboard for my work — heads turn when she walks through the salon, and I’ve had clients point to her picture on my digital picture frame many times and exclaim “I want THAT hair!” Nicole lives an active lifestyle, enjoys the beach (sun”>, fishing (more sun”> and organizes many charity events that take place outdoors (even MORE sun”>. She receives a base touch up to lift her natural level about 2 shades lighter and a partial highlight and sometimes lowlights for a beautiful dimensional blonde effect. Last summer, her hair was losing dimension and looking washed out in between visits, so we enlisted a summer specific routine to keep her curls looking fresh, hydrated and vibrant.

In addition to her touch up, I gloss her ends with a demi-permanent color at each visit (this isn’t necessary in the “winter” months.”> Every other visit, and sometimes between, I add a clear gloss after rinsing her color and allow it to process for at least 20 minutes. Then I follow up with a deep conditioner such as a L’Oreal Power Dose or a soothing gel mask like Vitamino Color or Absolut Repair. At home she adds Ouidad’s Sun Shield to her styling routine and when spending a day of fun in the sun, she braids her hair while still wet, with a generous dose of conditioner.

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