We've written stories about buying hair on eBay (like that of someone who is deceased), turning hair into a roulette ball, spending thousands on a cut-off piece of Bieber's hair and even hair art that made it into the Louvre. Yes, people do very weird, random and beautiful things with hair that don't typically come to mind when the subject is brought up. And today, we've found another random hair story, one that can literally write itself.

That's right, Monique Goossens makes hair typography from the hair that you often find in your shower's drain.

Most of the hair thus far looks like it is made from straighter strands. After all, curly pieces wouldn't really mold so well into a wanted shape. Heck, I can't get mine to even stay in place when it's on my head, much less after it falls off.

Anyway, for Goossens, hair is art. She has also made hair chairs that look like cousin It from "The Addams Family" as well as typography from used hair nets. I'm no art critic, but I'll leave all my hair concerns to those pieces that are actually on my head. But, hey, to each his own.

Do you.

Photo Courtesy of Monique Goossens