Wait, wait! I know you want to try the brand new Camille Rose Around the World collection, but have you heard about buriti oil, yet?

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It's one of the many nourishing ingredients featured in the new collection by curly girl favorite Camille Rose. Among all the exotic oils featured in this never-before-seen collection, buriti is the one that we're all going to be raving about in the next few months. Keep reading to learn why!

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Making its debut on NaturallyCurly.com and our upcoming Texture on the Runway show in the Big Apple, the Camille Rose Around the World collection is the one you'll want to get your hands on before anyone else. And today might be your lucky day!

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First, learn about this oil from natural hair expert Sabrina Perkins. In her article The Benefits of Buriti Oil for Hair, she states, "This oil soothes dry and damaged hair and can be used in oil blends or as a hot oil treatment. The essential fatty acids in this treasured oil are excellent at maintaining elasticity and firmness in the skin while producing collagen and elastin, which provide moisture to the scalp."

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"The high presence of beta-carotene in buriti fruit oil is helpful in healthy hair growth, and the oleic acid is great for adding a natural sheen to hair." – Sabrina Perkins, NaturallyCurly.com

Taking care of your curly hair is always a joy, especially when you introduce buriti oil to your regimen. So, add even more vibrancy and nourishment to your curls with the Camille Rose Around the World collection before it hits the shelves at Sally Beauty!

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  • Buriti Oil Cholesterol Treatment
  • Buriti Oil Scalp Treatment
  • Nangai & Tsubaki Protein Treatment
  • Nangai & Tsubaki Oil Scalp Treatment
  • Oud Deep Treatment
  • Oud Illuminating Oil - Liquid Gold
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The Camille Rose Around the World giveaway closes on August 15, 2018.

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You’re right to be excited about trying the new Camille Rose Around the World collection. In addition to the hair strand-repairing Amazonian Buriti fruit oil and Omega 3, 6, and 9 blend, its other star ingredients include:

  • Golden Nangai nut oil blended with Japanese Tsubaki oil in a mix of vitamins A, E, and Beta Carotene that strengthens curls that are breakage-prone.
  • Rare Middle Eastern Oud oil which features in olive, jojoba and white tea give nourishment and life to all hair types.

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As ever, stay curly!