natural hair frustrations

“Natural hair is too much work, I can’t do this! I’m going back to a relaxer. This is hard I don’t know what to do!” These are a few statements I have heard over the past few weeks from women during conversations about transitioning. Trust me, we have all been there! But before you decide to crack open that new box of relaxer, I have devised a few tips to reenergize your perspective about your natural hair journey. It is ok to be frustrated but do not let it take over and take the fun out the experience.

Follow Someone with Your Texture and Current Length

There are tons of gorgeous women in the natural hair community and it is quite easy to experience hair envy. Although it may be fun to follow a popular vlogger with luscious curls flowing down her back, do yourself a favor and also follow someone whose texture and length closely resembles yours for more realistic, daily tips on hair care, maintenance, and styling. Following techniques of someone who does not share your day-to-day struggles can leave you even more frustrated. Every curly girl cannot pineapple her hair at night and everyone cannot make a twist-out last for seven days. If you really like a particular vlogger, dig around in their archives to see how they transitioned from the beginning. However, there is enough inspiration out there for all hair types! Find it and back in the game.

Re-evaluate Your Regimen and Goals

Ask yourself this question: “Why did I decide to go natural?” Some women want healthier hair while others probably want the ease of versatility. There is also a possibility you are going natural due to health reasons and just decided to live a more holistic lifestyle. Whatever the reason, remind yourself of why you went natural and begin to move forward from there. Focus on the end goal. If healthier hair was your goal, then prioritize moisture retention and low manipulation styles to get through the frustration. Opting for a healthier lifestyle? Continue to drink water, eat protein rich foods and super foods packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, and your hair will transform.

Protect Until It Goes Out of Style!

Sometimes you and your hair just need a break. For most women, the connection to our hair is an emotional one and by now you are probably tired of agonizing over the next style to try. Before you give up your natural hair journey altogether, install a low maintenance protective style to get you through the next few months and kick-start some hair growth. This will enable you to leave your hair alone and plan your next move without all the pressure of styling every day. Choose a protective style that will still allow optimal healthy hair while installed such as braids, textured updos, or sew-in weaves. The main focus is tucking away your ends to ensure you are retaining length.

Consult a Professional Stylist

Overwhelmed by all the YouTube vloggers and bloggers? Never underestimate the power of a professional stylist! Cut out the chaos and conflicting tips. Consult with a stylist who is knowledgeable about natural hair care so you can devise a healthy hair plan for your transition. This plan will likely consist of regular trims, low heat styling, and other professional treatments to ensure your hair is at its healthiest state. Often, we believe we know what is best for our hair because we deal with it every day, however, allowing a professional stylist to feel your hair can also work in your favor. The stylist can help you make healthy hair decisions based on your curl pattern, density, porosity, and even alert you to breakage you cannot see in certain areas.

Maintain a Healthy Diet!

Healthy hair starts from within and although I previously addressed this, it is definitely important enough to expand upon. Foods such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel, darkly leafy green veggies, flax seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts are all packed with Omega-3 fatty acids. Love green smoothies? Drop a teaspoon of chia seeds in your recipe in the morning. Need an afternoon snack? Have a handful of walnuts. Take the complication out of eating healthy and just take it one step at a time.

Are you about ready to give up your natural hair journey? Tell us why! 

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