When you’re making the decision to return your hair to its natural state you have two primary options: transitioning or cutting. The latter, known in the natural hair community as THE BIG CHOP, is the fastest way to achieving 100% natural hair.

It may not always suit everyone, but going through with the Big Chop can be one of the most incomparable moments on your natural hair journey.

Just Do It!

It’s hair and it WILL grow back. If you are weighed down with doubt, you don’t want to make a decision you’ll regret. But what I can say is that most of the women I have known who went through with a Big Chop, including myself, will tell you that it’s the most freeing, liberating feeling a woman can have. There’s something about the Big Chop that makes you OWN your natural! When you’ve made the decision to go natural, there’s nothing to it but to do it!

Be Prepared!

You are embarking on a wonderful journey, and it’s best to be prepared before your cut. You should be mentally prepared to start your natural journey. This is a quite drastic personal decision that you have to be sure you want to make. Ask your friends, your stylist and other curlies about their experience and for any advice they’d give to a new natural.

You may also want to inform your spouse, family and friends of your plan, not just so they feel included in your decision, but to gauge their reactions, positive or otherwise. Don’t be discouraged by any negative reactions; just remember that you’e doing this for you. Who knows, you may be the influencing factor for someone you know to go natural too!

You should also prepare your regimen before doing the Big Chop so you aren’t overwhelmed. You won’t have a whole bunch of hair to deal with once you Big Chop, so your routine and the products you use will be very important. Research the brands, products and ingredients you may want to try once you Big Chop, and make sure to keep a journal to record how they worked.  You can also record length checks within this journal so that you can track your growth as well.

Keep it Simple!

This also ties in well with being prepared for the Big Chop. Whether you have half an inch or a few inches of hair after your cut, the best thing you can do is keep things simple with your routine and product use. You don’t have to use a ton of products to get your TWA looking right. Since your hair is newly natural, you may not need much beyond a good shampoo, conditioner and a moisturizer.

I know it may be hard to fight the product junkie urge, but you’ll have plenty of time for that once your hair starts gaining length. Using only a few products at a time will also let you figure out what works and what doesn’t. Give your products an opportunity to see if they will work by using consistently for three to four weeks. What may not work for you may work for someone else, so don’t trash those products!

Enjoy It!

Many ladies are nervous to go out into the world with their new haircut, but this is the time to be free! Embrace your TWA!  Enjoy your new self!

The TWA stage goes by rather fast after your Big Chop, so now is your opportunity to enhance your current style or even create a new one! Once you are comfortable in your own skin and with your new hair after the Big Chop, your confidence will radiate through your style. So go ahead, buy some fly earrings or other accessories that will highlight your face and fabulous hair!

Final Thoughts

Having Big Chopped twice, I can tell you the feeling is like none other. Even if you decide to transition, you still have an opportunity to experience the refreshing feeling of cutting the remaining relaxed ends from your hair.

It can be a scary sensation not only to cut your hair, but also not knowing how other people will receive you, especially those closest to you. But when it’s all said and done, it’s YOUR hair and YOUR life. Embrace yourself and your hair in all of its natural beauty and enjoy your new journey!

Lisa Michelle


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