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How do I clean, moisturize and take out box braids?

I'm transitioning, and I chose to do box braids because it does not require me to do much. Also I just began a few months ago and everything is new to me  so any advice would be nice.


You still have to care for your hair and scalp.

Braids are a great way to begin your natural hair journey, because the protective style saves your strands from the stress of daily manipulation, combing, brushing, styling, etc.  Braids can deliver up to a 6 week break, but you still have to care for your hair and scalp.  First, watch the hairline. Edges are fragile and tight braids can lead to breakage and permanent hair loss.  Keep hair and scalp moisturized with an oil or a moisturizing cocktail of conditioner, oil and water.  Be sure and cleanse your scalp (not your braids) by applying a mild shampoo such as Better Braids Herbal Cleanser or an astringent to remove build up. - Imani

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