For the curlies reading this article who have just started their natural hair journey, congratulations!


You are off to a great start and a beautiful journey.

For those of you thinking of starting the transition to natural hair, you might find it hard at first. Many veteran curlies will tell you about the times they’ve been through years of hating their curls, trying to hide them and using harsh chemicals and tools to remove them. Now is the perfect time to transition as so many others are in the same position as you, thanks to the internet you can find curlies with the exact same hair type as yours managing and embracing their curls with ease! Here are some ways to start to embracing your transitioning journey right now.

Protective styles

When it comes to relaxed hair growing out: out of sight, out of mind.

If during your transitioning journey you find that you just can’t deal with the look of your wash and go’s or trying to style your hair, keep it simple! Don’t stress out too much, just style your hair in very simple and loose curly buns. It can vary from space buns, Bantu knots, low buns, high buns, or whatever works best for you. You can also choose to go the extra mile and get box braids or twists installed as it’s a great way to keep hair moisturized and out of your face and hands for a while.

However, I suggest letting your hair breathe when you are at home or during sleeping. For people wearing braids and twists, you don’t want to stress your scalp or edges too much as that can cause even more breakage than transitioning brings anyway.


As humans always find comfort in knowing that others have been through what we have been through, this is a great way to help you embrace your transition! Social media apps like Instagram have been amazing for the growing natural hair community. You will find hundreds of thousands of pictures and short tutorials that focus on transitioning hair online for more support. The amount of before and after testimonials that you will come across will blow your mind and you will be sure to feel confident that all of your hard work will be more than worth it when you end up with the natural curls you dream of having.

Here are some of my personal favorite pages to follow for natural hair inspiration:

I also recommend searching the hashtag #transitioninghair #naturalhairjourney and #transitioningjourney on social media for more examples.


Keeping up with your trims while transitioning to natural hair is going to build excitement and each time you know you are even closer to your goal! Be sure to take before and after pictures and really notice that damaged hair as it will be a far cry from the beautiful natural healthy locks taking over your head. You can go to a trusty hairstylist for a trim but make sure they cut your hair dry in its natural state, not straightened. You need to steer away from any kind of heat during this period.

You can also trim your curls yourself by using many DIY methods. The dusting method is very popular with transitioners.

Natural hair events

Now is the time venture out, network and make new curly friends as they are going to be the ones that can relate to you the most, inspire you and educate you on new products to try, techniques and styles! It’s such an amazing feeling when you are able to embrace your natural hair and feel comfortable around other as they look like you too.

Events make this an easy process! Natural hair events and meet ups are a ‘thing’ and have grown bigger the past few years. One of the biggest is Curlfest which happens once a year in Brooklyn, New York! 100’s of naturals gather together to celebrate their hair! Many of your favorite brands also attend to give out samples and educate. Similar events and conventions happen all over the world, especially in London, UK where the natural hair industry is growing fast. Get yourself a ticket to the next event nearest to you for additional support.

Advice from the online community

The internet will be your best friend when it comes to transitioning hair inspiration. There are countless blogs, forums, articles, videos, pictures, podcasts and more packed with advice and help on transitioning. Our website is updated everyday with new content providing tips and tricks for transitioners. A wash-and-go isn’t always a great choice when you are dealing with two different hair textures, or sometimes even colors. To combat this bloggers and naturalistas have created some amazing easy hairstyles for you to wear every day to hide your transitioning hair and feel more confident on your journey!

By adding some curlies to your social circle, researching on the internet and getting your head around some new hairstyles, you will find your journey way more enjoyable.


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