Photo Courtesy of Teruko B.

Gray hair can have a stubborn mind of its own and a snarky personality to boot! A few things cause gray hair with normal aging being a big factor. Dr. Anthony Oro explains in Good Housekeeping that “Fifty percent of the population has about 50% gray hair at age 50. This is called the 50-50-50 rule. Other causes of gray hair are genetics, stress, and smoking. Many women embrace gray hair, while some want nothing to do with them.

Transitioning to gray is a lot like transitioning to natural, as they both require dealing with a different texture that may (and probably will be) either be straighter, curlier, or wirier than what you have been used to. So, what if you are going gray and transitioning to natural at the same time? Berrijunki wanted to know if it is possible and inquired in our Curly Q&A section.


Is there any advice you can give me concerning transitioning gray hair maintenance? Some health issues and medication caused my hair to come out last year, so I decided to go ahead and transition my aged gray hair. It is probably 3C fine hair and very porous. It absorbs everything and stays dry most of the time. It is easy to straighten and my scalp has never produced much oil on its own. I began by cutting off about 8 in. of my hair - that was last October - it has grown back now and it is beginning to thicken again some. I will probably never wear it curly. Mostly I just wear it pulled back in a ponytail. I wish there was more info on gray hair styles and maintenance. I'm willing to try anything.


Yes, there are tips on caring for your gray hair as well as beautiful hairstyles that compliment your grays. In this world where everyone wants to look at least 20 years younger, sometimes you have to look outside of mainstream media for beauty inspiration, and as curlies we already know this to be true for our own curls. Here are some tips for maintaining grays as well as how to rock them.

Moisture is king

It is the number one priority hair and skin health. Unfortunately, gray hair tends to be drier than hair with pigment and the cuticle tends to be rougher. Be gentler by using sulfate-free shampoos. Never skip on the deep conditioners and splurge on rich, moisturizing conditioners and deep conditioners.

Let it shine

When hair goes gray (it doesn’t actually go gray, but grows in gray) it loses its shine so try shampoos and conditioner that are specifically for grays as they work on shine and gray discolorations. Try light serums and glosses to give hair that shine it may have lost when it lost its pigment but do not use products that cause buildup or weigh down the hair.

Look to the fashion and hair experts for styles and confidence

Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement and examples to see just how gorgeous your grays will look when you see others rocking theirs. Check out the Top 8 Gracefully Grace Curlies You Should Follow. Also consider getting a great cut to give your hair great volume. Get a great cut for your curls like the Deva Cut or a tailored cut by a curly hairstylist to give your hair volume and proper density. Any style is great for gray hair.  Just adding the right cut, and proper maintenance will look amazing.

Care for your gray from the inside and out

Berrijunki mentioned she had health issues. Many problems with our hair come from our health and/or medications, so try and stay healthy by eating right, exercising, and eliminating stress. This will not only do wonders for the overall health of your hair, but also give your grays the moisture, shine, and life it needs to look its best.

Rock the right makeup and trendy glasses

This is just lagniappe (bonus) but all the fashion experts insist on not allowing your grays to make your face look washed out by adding pops of color to your makeup like sweeps of bronzer and pops of blush. Also, if you wear glasses make sure your frames are stylish and not giving you a granny look. Avoid frames that are brown or yellow (this includes gold) and colors like bright red, navy, or black will give your grays a more platinum and less gray.