We have a special guest answering your curly questions in our Curly Q&A this week, some of you may have heard of him, hint: he goes by "The Curl Doctor."

For years, Shai Amiel has owned and run one of the first Los Angeles-based curl-friendly salons; today, he is the go-to hair artist for popular YouTube personalities and celebrities who want to begin their healthy natural hair journeys.

Please read Shai's blog to learn about proper home haircare, choosing curl friendly products & everything else that has to do with curly hair.

Here's a question that we got from our reader Ambular18, and it is actually a question we have gotten from many, many readers and have also dealt with ourselves.


I have damaged type 3b hair, curly at the shaft and & the ends straight! How can I start over?


This is very common! I recommend trimming healthy hair every 3 months and damaged hair every 2 months in order for you to remove as much of the dead hair as possible. Don't let anyone trim your ends when hair is straight because straightening hair will only add more damage. There's no need to damage it before you trim it. You have curly hair and you should only wear it curly so it should be trimmed curly. you can look at my Instagram for inspiring looks you should always use curl friendly products and you can read my blog to explain how to choose those products.

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