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You've got questions and I've got answers. Here are your 3 FAQ about moisture and tight/coily natural hair. Have a question for the naturallycurly community? Post it in our ASK section here. Do you have an answer for one of the questions below? Simply log in and respond away!

1. Any tips for dry, tight transitioning curls?

asked by Sarah1997

Question: Hey naturals! New to this site. I'm currently four months away from transitioning to natural hair without the big chop and it has definitely been a challenging yet interesting road. I feel that my hair is naturally dry and is full of tight curls but I noticed that my hair seems flaky and wiry and without texture as if I recently relaxed my hair. Why would that be so? I've also been having a lot of breakage and hair falling out when I brush. Any tips with this?

Answer: Congratulations on your progress in your natural hair journey. Like you, I choose to transition rather than doing the big chop. Transitioning to natural hair is definitely more of a challenge, in my opinion. While you’re transitioning, a key thing to remember is that you are dealing with two different hair types and characteristics. Your natural hair is dry due to a lack of moisture and your relaxed ends are easily susceptible to tangles, excessive shed hair, and breakage.

The best thing is to keep your hair moisturized. Use detanglers and moisturizing styling products such as butters. This helps you maintain that moisture. It’s also best to keep your hair in protective styles such as twists or Bantu knots. These protective styles keeps your hair from becoming tangled and your ends from splitting. Stay away from wash-and-go’s and heat styling right now.

2. Hair products for second day hair and older?

asked by HerCurlss

Question: I need help. I don't want to do my wash and go every single day. I need hair products for second day hair, third day hair and etc. and if you have some how would I apply it? Thanks

Answer: There's no need to style your hair in a wash-and-go everyday. There are products that are perfect for refreshing your curls to prolong the life of the style. Look for refreshers sprays and detanglers. Darcy's Botanicals Herbal Leave-in Conditioning Spritz is perfect for second day curls or curls that lack moisture during the week. Your definition will surely bounce back with the right curl refresher.

3. Did I overdo it on moisture?

asked by Coily 92

Question: I washed my hair about 3 days ago. I co-washed, then deep conditioned. I usually deep condition in the shower (with the steam & humidity from the water) while I wash my body, then rinse it out when I'm done. This time, I got out of the shower, used a cap (sat for about 20 minutes), then rinsed out & bathed. When I got out of the shower, my hair felt pretty normal, so I decided to seal my hair with a little oil. The next day, my hair felt dry & brittle. I've kept up with my normal routine of moisturizing, since then, but my hair feels so dry! What did I do? What happened? How can I fix this?

Answer: From what you described, it seems that your hair isn’t dry from being over moisturized, but from lack of moisture during styling. While oil is great for sealing in moisture, it’s best to apply a leave-in before your oil and follow up with a moisturizer. This is called the LCO Method, short for for Leave-in, Oil, and Cream. Many curly girls use this as a guide to applying product for the most moisture retention. The LOC method is a favorite for those with tight 3 and type 4 curls and coils. If you have high porosity hair, practice this method and experience with products that give you the most moisture.

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