My hometown, London, is one of the most influential cities in the world for fashion and hair trends.

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Think about it: we birthed style icons like the Spice Girls and Naomi Campbell. As a hair blogger, I notice a lot of trends from fellow Londoners on Instagram that have begun to spread across the U.K. And as the holiday season arrives, a lot of events pop up in the city; I just attended the third London Beautycon event and then there was the Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards bursting with fashion. Not to mention, of course, there's a ton of holiday natural hair events happening this time of the year.

Traveling to London anytime soon?

If you are interested in what's popping across the ocean, check out some of the top trending fashion and beauty buzzes happening in the city of London. Who knows, you may want to add one of these to your holiday season lookbook.


Source: @mspaigeycakey

Gucci Headbands

Gucci, in general, is very popular in London and this season, the trademark red and green pairing has been used in many clothes sold in the biggest UK fashion retailers like Topshop & River Island. The rise of Gucci-inspired T-shirts and jumpers are becoming an epidemic in London as the trend has made its latest impact on hair accessories. The London rapper and actress Paigey Cakey shows off her gorgeous look on her new big chop via Instagram.

@emzpower lemonade braids

Source: @emzpower

"Lemonade" Braids

I know it all started with Beyonce's performance in the Lemonade video series, and recently, worldwide fashion icon and rapper Nicki Minaj killed the sideswept cornrows and microbraids look in her latest video with the Migos and Cardi B. Although she is from the streets of New York, both cities often play off of each other's trends. While this trend originated in the US, I have spotted this renditions of this hairstyle over and over again throughout London. The best braiders in London's Instagram pages are full of clients choosing this style! Check out this look on the gorgeous London based personal trainer, Emzpower.

Nadia Rose

Source: @nadiarosemusic

Thigh-highs and fur combo

It's definitely boss lady season! We saw a whole load of powerful London-based black females rocking "queenwear" at this year's MOBO awards. Singer Nadia Rose killed it with her dominating thigh high boots, perfect for London's cold weather. Rose paired it with the ever so fly and ever so needed fur coat and we fell in love.

farouk red

Source: @faroukjames

Red Afros

...Because we all need some sunshine this season to brighten up the cold and dark London streets. Red 'fros have been popping up all over the place and I am in love with this fearless look from natural hair model Farouk James. This look is perfect for taking you from autumn til springtime with ease.

Nikita goddess locs

Source: @Kitagirl921

Goddess Locs

This look, as seen on popular YouTuber turned Instagram influencer Nikita Johnson, stunned her subscribers with her beautiful goddess locs at this year's Beautycon London. Adding something new to the already big hair trend of faux locs in London, now this look is finally catching on with the ends of the locs left loose and curly. Many curly girls are also adding some color to the mix, now.

What is trending in your city?

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