ABS Texture! Panel a Huge Success

2012-09-07 12:53:32

ABS Texture! Panel a Huge Success

This one-of-a kind free event on showcased leading texture experts and educators in an intimate, interactive forum plus live hair demos. We continue to help stylists learn the best practices for curls. We educated the stylist to help you!

Ouidad, the "Queen of Curls," is an internationally recognized stylist, salon owner, mother, author and global educator. In 1984, as a pioneer of the curly hair industry, she opened the first salon in the country to cater exclusively to curly hair. Since then, her trademarked cutting and styling techniques and specialized line of award-winning products have instilled confidence in curly and wavy haired people everywhere. Ouidad's progressive teaching style, informative website, and dedication to curl education all further her goal to empower every stylist with the knowledge of how to work with curls. Top Ouidad stylist Ana Daniel did a live demonstration of the signature Ouidad “Carving & Slicing” cutting technique and “Rake & Shake” on CurlStylist’s Megan Dorcey. Using Ouidad’s technique of the Rake and Shake and the Ouidad products, clients can get perfectly designed curls that are shiny, healthy, bouncy and defined.

Megan Dorcey

Megan before her treatment.

Megan Dorcey

And her after! Talk about gorgeous curls! Megan left loving her hair like never before.

Hair Rules redefines standards in hair care and styling services, taking the healthiest approach to achievable beauty as a means toward providing women with choices as they relate to style and self-expression. Mastering the mystery of textured hair, Dickey has created iconic hairstyles for designers, advertisers, photographers and celebrities alike. Sarah Jessica Parker, Minnie Driver, Alicia Keys, Kelis, and Andre 3000 are just a few of the notables he has styled. Dickey did a live demonstration of a two-strand twist take down, which resulted in some amazing curls. Check out the before and after photos from this demonstration. Dickey then spoke about how to deal with all types of curls, specifically focusing on transitioning and protective styling. Learn more about Dickey and the Hair Rules brand.

Check out this How-To on two strand twists!

MIZANI is one of the leading professional authorities for multi-textured hair. MIZANI is a division of L’Oréal USA, and is a complete line of professional treatments, shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed to meet the expanding needs of today’s global beauty. Textured hair with its unique properties and characteristics require special treatment and instruction to achieve the best results. MIZANI, the salon professional authority for multi-textured hair, has an elite team of multi-talented professional stylists with expertise to deliver advanced education programs and dedicated curriculum to transform the way texture is identified, managed and taught to stylists. Veronique Morrison, director of education for MIZANI discussed how to deal with transitioning and helping clients with their journey. During the live demonstration session, MIZANI stylists demonstrated how to achieve curly styles with their new Supreme Oil. Veronique and top MIZANI stylists then answered questions about natural hair, styling and cutting. Transitioning was a hot topic and Veronique and her team discussed and showed options for clients wanting to transition, those in process of transitioning and those who have recently chopped. Learn more about MIZANI.

Shari Harbinger (the "Go To Curl Girl"), partner of DevaConcepts and curly hair guru, believes that beautiful, luminescent color that looks “better than natural” is what hair color is all about. That and spreading the Deva philosophy. In her double-duty role as Director of Education for Deva Concepts and Color Director for Devachan Salon, Shari has both a loyal group of clients that rely on her for shiny, vibrant shades that are as modern as they are beautiful, and an enormous following in the salon industry for her eponymous training sessions. Harbinger loves that she gets to spend her time educating hair care professionals, while simultaneously helping women look better. At the event, Harbinger selected a stylist audience member for a signature DevaConcept cut and style. The stylist was amazed with her results and exclaimed that her curls have never looked better! Harbinger walked her stylist audience through the entire process from the dry cut to the wash to the styling and diffusing. Learn more!

See another curlies experience a Deva cut.

The ABS Texture! panel was a big success! We can't wait until next year!

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