More About Designer John Patrick

Designer John Patrick was the 2010 recipient of the Ecco Domani Sustainable Design Award. The eco-friendly and earth-conscious designer is sensitive about the footprint he leaves on the earth, and his passion to protect the environment has been a motivating factor in using high quality organic fabrics—including vegetable tanned leather, recycled PET polyester and recycled wools—to create his classic apparel collections. The John Patrick Organic collection has become a name synonymous with both trendsetting and ethically conscious design, and is at the forefront of the eco-friendly design movement.

John Patrick in Step with Mother Earth

Like many of the highly textured, locally crafted, recycled fabrics and organic materials embraced by John Patrick Organic, the hair complementing his Fall 2011 Fashion Week collection was just as purposefully textured and earthy.

Patrick’s passion for sustainability shows even in his selection of hair products. Working with Aveda, whose many certified organic products are often packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, allowed him to promote his back-to-earth message even on the runway. “Our collection this season is inspired by water,” says Patrick. “I love that the hair we’re creating evokes the salty, windblown feel of hair that’s dried after being in the ocean.”

The Aveda backstage hair team, led by Antoinette Beenders, Allen Ruiz and Jennifer Cimeniello, was able to create this natural, ethereal look by spraying Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Potion, whose ingredients contain acacia gum, a natural bulking agent, into already-dry hair. The team proceeded to back comb the hair from mid-shaft to root using a fine-toothed comb. Next, they liberally applied the dry-delivery working spray Air Control for additional volume and texture at the crown. Small sections of hair were then pinned at the back of the head for a half-up look before the entire style was finally set with Aveda’s newest firm hold finishing spray Control Force.

Recycled Texture

Eco-friendly designer John Patrick worked with Aveda to create a natural, textured look

Recycled Texture

John Patrick Organic promotes his message even on the New York City runways

Great news for curly women and eco-consumers alike! “This is a sexy, next-day hair look that is easily achievable by the every day woman,” says Aveda stylist Allen Ruiz. “It’s especially great for hair that already has natural curl or wave.”

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