big voluminous hair

Not all hair is created equally. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly you may Sometimes our manes need a pick-me-up... or two or three to pump up the volume.

1. Stop over-washing your hair.

Use a store bought dry shampoo or create your own and alternate your wash days. Try the “no-poo” method or simply use a dry shampoo at the crown of your hair, where the volume should be increased.

2. Add a little bit of heat.

You can use a flat iron, curling wand, or hot rollers to add some extra volume. For parts that feel or look flat, try using a heat tool for extra volume and shine.

3. Experiment with extensions.

Sure, it’s not your hair--but it can be fun, exciting and commitment-free if you want to try new lengths or colors. Consult with a professional before making your decision to find out what they think.

4. Try some dye.

Darker colors give the appearance of thicker hair, as well as well-placed low and highlights. Ask your colorist for some help with finding the right tones for your hair color which will add the illusion of more volume.

5. Tease away!

Lift up sections of hair from your crown and brush from the root areas. Be careful not to brush too hard, as you may unnecessarily break or weaken the hair.

6. Blow dry like a pro.

Dry your hair upside down with a diffuser like the salon pros do. Use your fingers or a brush as you blow dry to create more volume. Focus on drying the roots best and avoid using lots of product on your hair after you blow dry which can weigh down your hair.

7. Pile on the volumizing stylers.

There are lots of them out there these days, and volumizing products can often work well for your hair without drying it out. Try a dollop of mousse or lotion on areas of your hair where you’re looking to add texture, or simply add the product to your crown area to create more volume at the top.

8. Ciao ciao layers.

For the most part, layers have been a good friend for textured hair-- and they still can be, just know when to stop adding them. Ask your stylist for less and longer layers. If your hair is thinner, you may be able to not have any layers added at all. Keep the ends of your hair blunt-- you will create the illusion of thicker tresses.

9. Find the RIGHT product for you.

Some of your stylers may be weighing your hair down. Everyone's hair needs are different, so it may take some time and experimenting, Look for cream-gels, hairsprays, or mousses that aren't oily but are light and have hold without crunch.