Dear Ouidad:

Based on’s hair type system, I would say I am between a 2a and 3b.  I am a 2a in the front and sides, and 3b in the back. I have chin length curly hair which is and has always been very fine, very soft and not thick or course at all. It isn’t what I would consider typical curly hair.  

My hair was equally curly all around until I became older (52″>. The back of my hair is OK, but the sides and front part of my hair no longer curl up like they used to. I color my hair blonde (single process”> and I do not do anything to my hair (other than the coloring”> to damage it. I even let it dry naturally. 

I think the hair in the front and sides are pretty much white (gray”> at this point and that part of my hair does not curl up like it used to. If the weather is dry, the front of my hair is what I would consider wavy (instead of curly”> and dry looking. There are so many products out there, I have no idea what to use. 

Thank you for any advice!

Dear Two-Textured:

The absolute key to restoring the curl or wave and life back into your hair is to use an intensive conditioner every other week! Chemical processes such as coloring, can strip your hair of moisture and its curl pattern. My Deep Treatment penetrates the hair cuticle leaving hair revived and restructured. Pair this with a styling product for your curl type that will define curls without weighing them down. Apply this to your curls using my Rake and Shake method to distribute evenly throughout. Let air dry as usual!

Let me know how this works for you!

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