How My Job Helped Me Embrace My Natural Hair

2011-06-07 12:19:31

How My Job Helped Me Embrace My Natural Hair

I always had trouble embracing my natural until NaturallyCurly gave me a chance to work with them. They changed my curly life!

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I know that not everyone is as fortunate as me to work at a company that encourages me to wear my hair natural, and that in itself is unfortunate. On the other hand, I know several people who have never shown their natural side at work, and that is also unfortunate.

Often for interviews, curlies are told to tone it down so our hair doesn’t overpower everything else about us. Just keep in mind that tone it down doesn’t mean straighten, wear in a bun every day, or anything else to conceal your natural hair. It simply means that for your first interview you might want to consider doing a half up look or something else that will show off your personality, but not allow someone to judge you solely on your hair.

Wearing natural hair to your job can help you embrace it even if you don’t work for NaturallyCurly. Once you figure out that you can wear your curls to work, you will probably start wearing them in public, and then you’ll get several compliments, which will lead you to think that your natural hair really is fabulous! At least, that’s how it worked for me.

Wherever you work, find a way to show off your look instead of hiding from what you really are. Embrace what you have and remember, anyone can straighten, but not everyone can wake up with gorgeous curls.

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Alyssa Hawkins

Alyssa Hawkins

What a nice article. It seems like fate drew Alyssa to the job fair and Good for her for embracing her natural waves (that are even turning into curls - wow!)