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"When my hair is wet, it has nicely defined waves and some curls. As soon as it dries, all of the strands separate and it turns into something resembling Cousin It...It doesn't lay nicely..."


I completely understand how you feel! I also constantly try to make sure my waves do not get too poofy and expand, though that look can look nice on some curlies it is not a look I like for myself either. To enhance and show off your beautiful waves without it turning poofy there are quite a few things you can do:

Is your hair getting moisture?

Using a great deep conditioner (SheaMoisture makes some nice affordable ones) at least one a week will really help and the more moisturized your hair, the less poofy and frizzy it will be.

Apply hair products section by section

This will ensure all of your tresses are coated evenly with product. This makes a huge difference in how the hair will look when dry.

Seal with your favorite oil

Argan oil is a great choice for wavies because it is lightweight and will not weigh hair down too much but add nice shine. This is the last step when styling your hair after the shower.

Scrunch...a lot!

Scrunching is a wavy girl's best friend, it really enhances the natural curl definition wonderfully. Here's how I do it.

Keep your hands off your hair

Playing with and over-manipulating hair as it is drying is one of the biggest contenders for extra frizz and an unwanted poofy do.

Dry with microfiber towel or cotton

Microfiber helps prevent frizz. Squeeze the excess water out of your hair gently, do not roughly dry it not only can that lead to frizz, but it can cause breakage as well.

Minimize heat styling tool usage

As a fellow wavy curly, I notice whenever I blow dry my hair, even if it is diffusing, my hair expands more than I prefer. Air drying wavy hair is not only better for the hair's health, but it leaves hair less poofy than other methods. Also, the healthier the hair and less hot tools you use, the better it will behave and look.

I hope these tips will help! Good luck!

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