NaturallyCurly: Please introduce yourself!

Kathleen Cucci: My name is Kathleen. I am 20 years old and I'm from Denver, Colorado. I attend Boston College, but I spent the second semester of my junior year studying in London!

NC: How and when did you start embracing your curls?

KC: I straightened my hair quite a bit in high school, but I’ve worn it curly a lot more during college, mostly due to not having enough time in the mornings. Since I’ve been studying abroad the past five months and didn’t bring my straightener with me, I’ve definitely had to embrace my curls more! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to straightening it on a regular basis.

NC: What is your current routine?

KC:  I usually shower at night, and I wash and condition my hair every other day. I’m currently using  TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner which seem to be working fine, but I’m always looking for good anti-frizz products! I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible, but I often end up throwing it in a braid before bed, which gives me nice waves in the morning.

NC: So from start to finish, on a curly day, what's your process?

KC:  Since I wash my hair at night, I usually just finger-comb my hair in the morning and apply a smoothing crème (currently using one form Charles Worthington) to try and tame my frizz. I’m also a huge fan of dry shampoo in between washings, so I’ll use that if my hair needs it.

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NC: What are your must-have products and tools?

KC: I usually just use a wide-tooth comb to get through tangles and part my hair. I don’t really have any specific “must-have” products, but a smoothing crème of some kind is a necessity to tame my frizz.

NC: What are your favorite hairstyles to wear with your curls?

KC:  On days when I don’t feel like dealing with my hair, my go-to look is a simple side braid. I love experimenting with different styles though, especially half-up styles, updos and braids that look good a little bit messy, which is the only way my wavy hair seems to behave!

NC: What about your hair stylist?

KC: I'
ve had the same hair stylist in Denver for most of my life and I go to her every six months or so for a trim. I donated about nine inches of my hair a year ago, but it still hit my shoulders, so it wasn’t too drastic of a change! Since my hair is super thick, I don’t think I would ever want to get a super-short cut!

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NC: What is the best thing about being curly?

KC: I love having unique hair—I already stand out as a redhead, but my curls make it extra-special! I get lots of compliments on my hair, even on days when I think it looks awful. Some people put tons of effort into having curly hair, so I guess I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have to do much to my hair!

NC: How do you think having curly hair impacts your life?

KC: Wearing my hair curly definitely makes my life easier. I hardly have to spend any time on my hair in the mornings!

NC: What would you tell others to encourage them to embrace their curls?

KC: Don't be afraid to wear your curls! Not only will it save you tons of time, but you will grow to love your natural hair the more you rock it!

NC: Tell us about your current and upcoming projects!

KC: I’ll be spending my summer working in Denver, and then I return to Boston for one last year of college before the real world—scary! I’m hoping to teach after graduation, but I’m not sure where I want to live yet…hopefully it will be somewhere less humid than Boston.

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