Simple curly hairstyles and tips for busy moms.


In a hurry, co-wash and air dry your curls

Use a good conditioner for co-washing your hair, instead of a shampoo. Washing your hair with a conditioner is a quick way to add moisture to dry frizzy hair. Once you are out of your shower gently pat your hair dry with a moisture absorbing towel. That will cut down on frizz and the drying time. Either of these two are great to use:

Curl Like Us Curl Cloths are smooth-surfaced and very absorbent.


The Hand Dry Hair Glove, a super-absorbent microfiber that soaks up excess water.

Both of these items are huge time savers. They also have another function. When you put your styling product in your hair, both of these are great for scrunching a little bit and then you are good to go. Your hair will dry much faster and look like you actually had time to style it.

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