No time to fix your curls before your date? Here are some curly hair fixes for hair date disasters.


Panic situations

I’ve spent time making my hair look perfect. I’ve used my favorite combination of products and done all the styling tricks that make my curls just right. There are only three things that can ruin this effort and cause a hair panic attack:

  1. I get a text that he has rented a convertible for our special night out.
  2. We have had a nice dinner. It is still early and he wants to go for a walk on the beach.
  3. We are walking to a favorite restaurant and the weather changes. It starts to mist and get windy and we still have many blocks to go.

All of these situations are going to destroy the curls. A favorite hat or scarf is a safe solution. Pulling my hair back in messy bun or a ponytail are good too. I can imagine a nice wind blown look as well, but the curl reality is never as good as what I imagine.

Your purse might be heavy, but with these curly hair tips and fixes, you'll be ready for any date hair emergency.

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The curls, making it easy to look good too. So for me, this hairstyle is like a little decoration for your wedding is in compliance.

I think convertibles are a nightmare to curlies. Definitely should have an emergency backup plan thought up whenever Mr. Man says the date "is going to be a surprise."