Hair Types

All curls are beautiful. However, all curls are not created the same. Curls offer a great amount of variety in their forms and shapes. When it comes to naturally curly hair, there is a lot of confusion. was first inspired to address this concern in the community by the celebrity stylist Andre Walker's definitions of hair types. We have used that knowledge, along with our readers and hair care professional's feedback, to create our Texture Typing system.

Our system details the different types found within the broader curly hair description. The goal of this system is to help you identify for yourself what types are most similar to your own. Most curlies get lumped into one broad category, but all curls are not the same. Your curls may require different care and products. In order to know which products would best benefit your hair, you need to know the differences in hair and correctly identify your own. Our goal here is to help clear up any confusion so you can not only know your hair type, but also embrace it for your best curls. We have also included helpful tips and suggestions on caring for the specific hair types, as well as product recommendations to keep your curls looking their best.

All of the hair types shown fall within the category of curly hair. They are simplified into types and then further broken down into subcategories. Every hair shown has certain characteristics that are common for that particular group, but it should be noted, you may not fit perfectly into one category or subcategory. Some people have hair that is a range of two different hair types, depending on certain factors. You should also remember that one type isn't better or worse than the others. If hair is prone to frizz, it doesn't necessarily mean hair is unhealthy. It is just one of the factors of that type.

We hope this guide will help you embrace the natural beauty of your hair and maybe even give you some new insight on what products work best for your individual hair.

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Type 2 Wavy Hair

Type 3 Curly Hair

Type 4 Coily Hair