How long would it normally take for my chin length hair to reach tailbone length ?

I think I'm a 3A type of curly. I just recently cut it to chin length to get rid of the damaged hair from straightening . My hair grows about 4 inches in three and a half months. 

1 Answer

Well considering the average height of a woman is 5'4 (64 inches) and you said  your hair grows at a rate of 4 inches in 3 in a half months (roughly 1.14 inches a month) by taking say... 6 or so inches off of already grown hair plus another 30 or so inches for leg height that leaves us with 64-37= about 27 inches of hair that needs to be grown. Then divide that by 1.14 which is... 23.7 which is about 24 months. So I would say very roughly two years to grow out your hair to tailbone length. May be more, may be less. But you also have to take into consideration of trimmings and that hair may take longer to grow the longer it gets. So your best bet would be more than two years.