166 E. Crogan Street nSuite 108
Lawrenceville, GA 30046, United States

Audrey Dantzlerward


Stylist: Chad Hanna

Stylists that know what to do with curly hair are rare. Stylists that can cut men's curly hair are even more rare. The first time I came in to see Chad I had recently been butchered my some 20 year old girl at a over priced salon. Chad corrected this girl's abomination and has continued to give great cuts and advice ever since. He has a rare combination of experience and instinctive talent.

Reviewed on: 31.01.15

Stylist: Chad Hanna

I've always viewed my curls as the unmanageable, unforgiving enemy - until I stumbled into Chad's chair. For the first time in my life I actually have a stylish head of hair. Chad has fantastic vision, impressively keen skills, and an unparalleled ability to produce breath taking results regardless of the challenge at hand. However the thing I find most admirable about the Curl Guru is his passion for his craft and pride for his work.

Reviewed on: 19.07.14

Stylist: Chad Hanna

Chad KNOWS curls. From swavy to tight coils, I've seen him work miracles with them all. He'll handle your curls with care and train you to do the same. He even works with my pigment challenged locks (not too many yet) to get them looking their best. I love my new 'do and highlights for summer. And he already has plans for me for fall!

Reviewed on: 30.06.14

Stylist: Chad Hanna

I have never loved my hair more than i do now. Chad is a curly hair genious. He sat me down and told me what would look good for my face shape with the type of curls i have, which are very loose and wavy. He corrected my color and now my hair fits my personality. Anyone looking to have your curls treated with respect and knowledge needs to see CHAD! Ill be back for sure...

Reviewed on: 09.05.14

Stylist: Chad Hanna

First I have to say that I Love My Hair! I have been blowing my hair out straight all my life. I made an appointment with Chad to see if he could help my find a way to control my extreme volume and frizz. I was excited when I got into his salon and his enthusiasm about my hair. Chad not only gave me the best Deva cut of my life but taught me how to embrace and care for my curls. He is a magician. A real curly guru! I am so glad that I found Chad, he is the only I will ever let near my hair again. Thank you Chad!

Reviewed on: 06.05.14