Type 3 - Curly Hair

Type 3 hair includes lightly curly to very curly hair patterns that are well-defined and springy. Curly hair has a lot of body and can be easily styled in its natural state or straightened with a blow-dryer. Despite its appearance, type 3 curls are soft and fine rather than coarse.


Type 3A Curly Twirly

Type 3a curls shows a definite loopy "s" pattern. C3a hair is well defined and usually springy with a circumference the width of a piece of sidewalk chalk. Generally, this hair type can be easily straightened or retexturized. 3a curls are more prone to frizz and losing definition that type 2 hair. 3a celebrities include Taylor Swift, Lorde, Annalynne Mccord, and Kimberly Perry.

Quick Tips

  • Use a pomade for updos or ponytails for light hold that won't weigh the curl down
  • Twirl small sections of curls around your finger while hair is still damp to encourage definition
  • Choose a daily and cleansing conditioner with rice amino extracts
  • Rake and shake for natural frizz-free volume and definition throughout


Type 3B Curly Spirally

3b curls are more voluminous and have a smaller circumference than 3a curls--the size of a Sharpie marker. 3b hair is usually less shiner than 3a curls. The texture can be coarse and dense. 3b celebrities include Anna Shaffer, Julianna Margulies, Tae Heckard, and Jasmine Sanders.

Quick Tips

  • Use an anti-humectant (humidity blocking) styling cream or styling milk for less frizz but more definition
  • Moisturize with lightweight but effective marula or sweet almond oil
  • Refresh with a hair milk or spray leave-in to moisturize medium to high porosity curls
  • Opt for a sulfate-free cleanser and silicone-free styler to encourage growth, prevent more dirt build-up, and ease the scalp cleansing process


Type 3C Curly Coily

Type 3c hair is full of volume. The curls resemble tight corkscrewes and are approximately the circumference of a pencil or straw. 3c hair tends to be higher in density and coarser than type 2 or 3 hair. 3c curls are finer in texture, though packed tightly together on the head. 3c celebrties include Tracee Ellis Ross, Leela James, Tessa Thompson, Jurnee Smollett Bell, Kelis.

Quick Tips

  • Gently enhance and safely stretch without heat using a twist-out, bantu-knot out, flexi rod set, or perm rod set
  • Use a medium hold botanical gel that isn't harsh but provides definition
  • Do a scalp massage after washing hair for natural volume lift while maintaining even curl pattern throughout
  • Deep condition once a week for 30 minutes to retain elasticity and moisture

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