Do you love cute and unique accessories? Are you on a budget? Before you shop from your favorite little Etsy boutique, consider the possibility that you could create your own hair accessories!

T-shirt Braid Headband

Cut a t-shirt (or fabric) into three strips. The wider the strips, the thicker the headband. Knot the three strips together on one end. Secure that end to provide tension on one side then start braiding the other strands together. Once you reach the end, knot it and cut off the excess. Then attach a piece of elastic to both sides.

Yarn headband

This is a way to make a thick and colorful headband. I started off with a thin wire headband I got from Hobby Lobby, but you can use any headband you have. You can use an color of yarn that you want. Glue the beginning of the yarn string to one end tip of the headband. Start winding yarn around the wire headband, making sure you're covering every part with yarn. The more the yarn overlaps, the thicker it becomes.

Mini Top Hat

A mini top hat can jazz up any outfit, and is also one of the cutest holiday hair accessories. It's simply made with a little construction paper and some sheets of felt (I used 4). You can embellish anyway that you want. No two hats are created the same. I can show you how to make a mini top hat better than I can tell you, so I made a quick tutorial. Here is a quick How-to video for a Mini Top Hat.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement is sweeping the nation. I'm sure I've caught the bug. I'm constantly making things. Now you don't have to spend tons of money on hair accessories to look fabulous. And because you did it yourself, it is sure to be as unique as you are.