Halle Berry with a curly bobXclusivePix.com

In the wake of Anne Hathaway cutting off all her tresses and pushing back her wedding to let it grow out — to which many of you said, “Um, get extensions!” — Halle Berry’s famous cropped cut just grew overnight!

According to the Daily Mail, Halle Berry stepped out to dinner with her fiance and a head full of curls! Her new extensions form a type of curly bob and frame her face in a way that fans haven’t seen since the 90s.

Despite the fact that we all know those curls aren’t real, we can’t help but be excited that she chose curly extensions over straight. At a time in which the Texture Revolution is truly taking off, it’s uplifting to see celebrities who have the gamut of choices on which to splurge, dishing out their dough on hair that we sport on a daily basis.

No longer do we want the styles that the celebrities have — they want the styles we have too!

And, in case you haven’t noticed, extensions, wigs and weaves have seriously gotten REAL, as in, it is difficult to tell if they aren’t natural. From Beyonce to Rihanna, and now Halle Berry, fake hair has been taking on a natural look, not excluding waves, curls and coils. Despite how celebrities treat their natural texture, many are dropping more money than most of us make in a year on getting the hairstyles that we naturally attain.

Maybe it’s a tactic to hop on board with the growing texture movement, or perhaps it is just another hairstyle to rock in between now and next week’s pastel purple dye job. Either way, it sure is fun to finally see celebrities with textured hair, whether it’s theirs or not. In time, we have the feeling these famous ladies will drop the wigs, weaves and extensions and join #teamnatural.

Dish, curlies: what do you think of Halle’s new look? 

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