I’ve been noticing something lately and I thought I’d share my two cents on the topic. The number of celebrity curls has been steadily on the rise and it’s making waves (pun intended!”>. While some are working fantastic wigs or weaves, many are showing off their own beautiful naturally curly hair. Seeing gorgeous hairstyles gracing runways, red carpets, television and magazines makes me happy in so many ways. It seems like more and more women are coming to realize that natural and curly can be a beautiful thing!

Natural ladies are stepping forward, shedding the extensions and opting to sport their own curls. Recently, Halle Berry, who is known for her close cropped pixie cut, was spotted out and about with longer, natural looking curls. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her with tons of curls, but I must say she wears it well! And with her daughter Nahla also representing for the curly kiddos, it’s a perfect way to encourage her self-confidence at her young age.

I’ve been in love with Kelly Rowland’s curly weave since she rocked the stage at the Grammy awards earlier this year. She’s was going strong with the big, curly hair, most recently at the Supafest concerts in Australia last month. I think it’s fierce, and I think it encourages people to look beyond the stereotypical beauty standard of straight sleek styles. I wish more people would embrace their real curls, but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

And of course, there’s not a conversation about celebrity curls without mentioning Solange Knowles. This fashionable naturalista is still working photo shoots and runways with her coily hair. We’ve watched her truly transition from the hot TWA to the stylish wild fro that keeps people guessing what she’s going to do next. She’s recently teamed up with Carol’s Daughter to be part of a new venture geared towards helping transitioning ladies.

Final Thoughts

I’m all for ladies embracing the curls, whether natural or store bought. I think it sends a positive message to a broad audience that it’s okay to be a curly girl. Although I know it may not be for everybody, I wish more people in general would take time to find out what their real hair looks like. Both celebrities and non-celebrities alike can stand to learn a thing or two about the hair they were born with.

How do you feel about curly hair wigs or weaves? Do you think they help or hinder the natural hair movement?

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