When learning to care for your curls, it is not uncommon to search for products that are meant for your specific hair type. NaturallyCurly’s typing system is wonderful in helping you learn what kind of textured curls you have and what kind of products and application methods will work best. I am a mix of 2C and 3A (it is perfectly normal for everyone to have multiple types on their head”>. However, through trial, error and tons of experimentation over the years, I found my hair behaves quite differently than most Wavies’. A few examples include that it does not get weighed down super easily, is constantly super dry and loves heavier butters and oils.

In recent months, more and more brands have released products for Type 4 Coily hair types. This is wonderful since every single hair type deserves choices and lines catered to them! The products in these lines are full of rich butters and oils to help Type 4 hair, which can deal with more dryness and be more fragile than other hair types. Now, I’m not about to do an article all about coily hair because it is not my place to do so, but I was curious about what could happen when Type 2C/3A me tried specific products catered towards Type 4 hair. Did they work? Were they too much?

As mentioned earlier, if you are a typical Type 2/Wavy and you get weighed down super easily or your strands are very fine, I don’t suggest giving this a go. But if your hair sounds similar to mine in being super dry, fragile, frizzy, and always wanting more moisture even though your curls are looser, you may benefit from trying some of these products.

Something I noticed across the board with these different brands, is to start off by not using a lot. Less is more as far as the amount of product used, with nearly everything I tried out.

Curls Collection

CURLS Cashmere and Caviar Collection

CURLS states, “Strengthen, Restructure & Add Sheen to Stressed and Damaged Coils and Kinks formulated with:

• Certified Organic Cashmere Extract for Uber Soft, Yet Stronger Tresses
• Certified Organic Caviar Extract, Rich in Vitamins A and D + Omega 3, 6 and 9
• Champagne Fruit Extract for Increased Elasticity and Manageability”

Being a big fan of CURLS Blueberry Bliss line and remembering using Curls Cashmere products a few years ago that had some similar ingredients as this new line does, something inside me knew the Cashmere and Caviar Collection would work well for me and wow I was right! I tried the whole collection and enjoyed every single product. Thought the Gelle didn’t have enough hold for post-shower styling, it makes a fantastic styler for me to add back shine and fight frizz on Day 2 and 3. I don’t know that I could select a favorite product from this line because they all performed quite well. I will say, the Hair Silk is another stand out because it is a unique Leave-In as it feels and looks much more like a serum than a leave-in conditioner. My curls drank it up and every time I use it with other products from this line or mixed with other brands, my curls feel extra soft. The Hair Bath has charcoal in it to help really give the scalp and hair a nice cleanse but didn’t leave it stiff feeling at all.

The Main Choice

The Mane Choice Type 4 Leaf Clover Collection

The Mane Choice states, “Finally, an advanced hair care system created with highly-texture in mind! Type 4 Leaf Clover collection is a moisture-rich solution designed to help eliminate dryness and minimize breakage that can be associated with highly-textured hair. Our moisturizing complex of clove oil, flaxseed oil, and aloe vera delivers softness, shine, and vitality to moisture-depleted hair. Type 4 Leaf Clover collection is sure to add lasting moisture and softness, improve manageability, and enhance natural texture.

My hair is so dry and prone to breakage which is why I believe it responded well to the items I tried from this collection. As soon as I read the words “for moisture-depleted hair” in the description, I knew I had to try. I like all of the vitamins, nutrients, and ingredients inside of these products such as Biotin, Vitamin D, E, Flax Seed Oil and Aloe Vera to name a few. The Moisturizing Styling Cream is super thick but soaks into my curls so effortlessly. Of any styling cream I ever tried, this is one where I truly need to use a teeny tiny amount for great results. It made an excellent, richer leave in for me but also added moisture back into Day 2 or 3 when my hair felt extra dry (this cold, cold Winter has done my hair no favors”>. The Leave-In Spray is also excellent on Day 2 or 3 when my curls wanted some moisture back but didn’t need quite as much to go into the Styling Cream. The last product I tried from this collection, the Mask, increased my curl definition and left them so shiny, bouncy and silky. I was more than pleased. This line also has a Shampoo, Conditioner and Gel I did not try yet. I really want to try the Gel but it was out of stock at the Sally Beauty near me. The Mane Choice Type 4 Leaf Clover Collection is another Coily targeted line that gave my waves great results.

Diane Hair

My hair after using the new Shea Moisture collection.

Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Collection

NC Editor Lauren reviewed this collection, and here are her thoughts. “This line focuses on elongating 3C-4C curls and conditioning shrinkage prone strands. It is also sulfate free, completely free of coconut oil, and provides a nice frizz-free finish to all of your styles.

As a wavy, I do not experience as much shrinkage as my curlier and coilier friends out there, but parts of my hair are curlier than others so I was intrigued to see if elongating products would even everything out a bit. Truthfully, it did not. The curlier parts were still curlier. However, I did like the way the products performed. I used the Styling Gelee on wet curls after leave in but before oil as my styler and it had an excellent amount of hold that left my curls looking defined, shiny and not too frizzy. I also got the Reshaping Shine Butter from this collection. The instructions said to use dry so I used a little amount on Day 2 and it helped calm some frizz and add back shine. The texture of the Shine Butter was surprisingly very gritty, and even when I emulsified it between my palms the little gritty bits didn’t go away. I reached out to the brand to see if this is how the butter was supposed to be or if I just got a bad jar, but they didn’t respond. This line also has a Shampoo, Conditioner and Stretch Pudding I did not try.

Overall, my Type 2c/3a curly waves had great success with the Type 4 products I tried, but again, I don’t consider myself to have the usual characteristics most Type 2 Wavies do.

Have you tried products that are not targeted for your hair type? What were your results?

Leave them in the comments below, but PLEASE remember to be kind.

Editor’s Note: This post was not sponsored or endorsed by any of the above-mentioned brands.

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