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Reviewing the Instagram hashtag #DevaCut will leave anyone with hair envy. The precision of the cuts will lure you in, mesmerized as you scroll infinitely. Shai Amiel’s IG account never fails to impress as he sculpts a work of art with any hair texture and curl pattern. Seeing curls so meticulously defined, cut, and full of volume and movement will have you searching for the nearest DevaCut trained stylist in your area, but unfortunately, everyone does not have that luxury. Valerie.Andr from Curly Q&A lives in Mauritius and wants to know how she can get a dry, curly cut.


How can I explain to a hairdresser how to (dry) cut my now triangle-shape 3b/3c curls 

Hi, I’m in Mauritius and natural hair love is still alien to many. I have 3b/3c curls and  I’m dying to get good hair shape. My hair has for about 3 years now been in triangle shape because I can't find a person or a salon specialised in kinky/coily/curly hair in my country. I would like to know what can i do or how to explain to someone how to cut my hair. I’ve watched a lot of videos but I’m afraid the person might not understand or get the whole importance/philosophy/the everything of it. Can you please advise me?


The short answer is you simply can’t. Two of the most popular curly cutting techniques like the DevaCut or Ouidad’s Carving and Slicing require training and certification for stylists to offer those services. There are other stylists who offer training courses and cut dry curly hair their own way, but I am not sure if any are offer online courses or reside near you.

Tell the stylist what you want

If you want to eliminate the triangle shape of your hair, then communicate that to your stylist. I know dry cuts are appealing to those who wear wash and go’s and prefer to not use heat styling tools, but getting a dry cut is not the only way to achieve volume at the roots.

Bring pictures to your appointment

The end result of most dry cuts is layers so maybe that is a better way to tell your stylist the look you are trying to achieve. Show him or her photos from Instagram and let them explain the different approaches they can take to achieve the style you want. You may want to focus more on style and less on technique.  

Try changing your products

Your styling products may be contributing to your triangle hair. If your products are too thick, too heavy, or if you are layering too many products between wash day, then that may be weighing down your hair. Also, if you are using conditioner as a styler in replace of an actual styling product, then that may be contributing to triangle hair. Leaving conditioner on your hair can really weigh it down so make sure it is thoroughly rinsed out and then use a light moisturizer and a light styler like pure aloe vera gel, flaxseed gel, or light styling creams.

Shampoo more often

Again, you may have too much product application. I’m not sure what your regimen is but if you are not cleansing weekly with a shampoo then try it out. Frequent co-washing and layering your hair with moisturizers, oils, and styling products without a thorough cleanse can also contribute to having flat roots at your crown.

How did you get rid of your triangle hair?