We’re just a few weeks away from having to set our alarm clocks again and get ready for the morning rush. So, are you worried about what to do with your kids’ curls before the bus arrives? Or do you want it to be another ponytail-filled year for your curly triplets?

This year can be different! By following a few simple steps each evening, you'll be able to make the most of your mornings instead of worrying about hair ties and hats.

If you and your children already have a curly hair care routine for the evening, you may want to incorporate some of these ideas into what you do now, or create a whole new routine. After all, it is a new school year!

Teaching Good Curly Hair Care

Teach her how to take care of those ringlets, and rid yourself of morning fuss and rush!

As a parent of a younger child, you understand your child’s habits and tendencies to take care of his or her hair, whether it’s a little or a lot. Giving your child some limited, but varied, choices is a great way to give them a sense of independence, while also helping them learn good curly hair care.

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  1. Nighttime baths can be a lot of fun. Kids should be allowed to choose their favorite suds and enjoy bath time, but they also need to know it’s a time to clean up and wind down.
  2. Use a favorite shampoo and conditioner for your child’s curls. There are lots of great products available for curly kids these days. If you’re uncertain about your child’s hair texture, you can use the hair type finder to figure it out.
  3. Look for ingredients that will nourish your child’s curls. It may not be necessary to wash her curls every day, much like it might not be necessary to do so to your own. You can opt to wash every other day, or even less, depending on the amount of activity she has had that day and what her hair type is.
  4. Demonstrate to your child how to wash and condition his or her hair. While most children love to show off their creative side, they first must find someone to mimic or learn from. That usually begins with you, the parent. They’ll take what they learn and make their own creation of the activity. Therefore, you want to show them how you wash and condition your hair first, then ask them to repeat the steps back to you. If you have an overly creative kid, ask them to pretend they are at the salon or getting ready for an evening at a palace. Kids have amazing imaginations; allow them to use their creativity as you help teach them about good curly hair care.
  5. After the bath, you can continue their pretend adventure at the salon or a night at the palace by helping your child style their hair with some leave-in conditioner, a light gel or a combination of products that work with your child’s curls. 
  6. Show your child how much product they need in their hair, and let them either help or finish with the rest of their hair. You may want to give him or her an object to help visualize the comparison of the amount of the product they need to use. For example, if they use a leave-in, use the bottom of a little paper cup or a plastic medallion to measure the amount. Visual prompts and comparisons are great for kids.
  7. Almost bedtime! If your child doesn’t like to go to bed with a wet head, use a hair diffuser to gently dry her curls. A satin pillowcase will also help protect your child’s hair and make it easier to style in the morning.

When the alarm is off and little feet hit the ground, it’s time to perk your child’s curls with a few spritzes of water. Mixing water with lavender oil will give their curls a great light smell, and hydrate them for the day ahead. You may also want to play up your little girls’ curls with a few cute clips or a sparkly headband. Once all the conditioning and hydrating is complete, their morning curls will be perfect. You can use the rest of your morning to have a healthy, family breakfast or get backpacks ready to go.

Teach Love by Example

Teaching your kids to love their curls from an early age can help in avoiding straightening desires and future damage down the road. Hear how other moms tackled the task!

Final thoughts

Make the most of your morning hours and enjoy the new school year with a simple, evening, curly hair care routine that will help teach your little curlies how to love and appreciate their hair for the rest of their lives.

What nighttime routines to do you have with your little one?