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Summer break is almost over, which means we are not far from having to set our alarm clocks again and get ready for the morning rush. Going back to school is usually associated with new clothes, books, and backpacks; but have you thought about what to do with your child’s hair to ensure they are ready before the school bus arrives?

If you and your kids already have a hair care routine then you may be all set or may just need to make small changes in order to create a haircare game plan that can see you through to the end of another school year. You are also in luck if you have older kids who can tend to their own hair with little or no supervision. However, if your children are younger or have no routine you still have time to set yourself up for success by incorporating some of these ideas into what you do now and/or creating a whole new routine. After all, it is a new school year!

Teach your child to love their hair

Teaching kids to love and protect their hair is very important. Get them involved in their hair routine by letting them put on their bonnets or tie their own satin scarf. As the expert on your child, you understand what they are able to do to their hair on their own. Can they apply the moisturizer? Are they able to use a spray bottle? Giving your child some limited, but varied choices of hairstyles and letting them participate in the styling process is a great way to give them a sense of independence and accomplishment, while also helping them learn good curly hair care.

Choose the right products

for your child’s hair type. There are lots of great products available for curly kids these days. If you’re uncertain about your child’s hair texture, you can use the Texture Typing Quiz to figure it out.

A few kid-friendly products

Wash her hair at night

Avoid the morning rush! It may not be necessary to wash her curls every day, much like it might not be necessary to do so to your own. You can opt to wash every other day, or even less, depending on the amount of activity she has had that day and what her hair type is. All things being equal, the tighter your child’s curls are, the less frequently you should wash her hair. Try to make wash day fun but also realize that despite your best efforts your kid may still hate it. Sitting or standing still is not something children excel at so incorporate sing-a-longs, videos and toys as much as possible. Use products that are specifically designed for your child’s hair and texture for best results. Learn how these mommy bloggers take care of their kids’ hair here.

Show your child how much product to use

Demonstrate how much product she needs in her hair and let her either help or finish with the rest of her hair. Let her see and smell the products you are using. Let her choose her style and or accessories from a limited selection. You may want to give him or her an object to help visualize the comparison of the amount of the product to use. For example, if they use a leave-in, use the bottom of a little paper cup or a plastic medallion to measure the amount. Visual prompts and comparisons are great for kids.

Bedtime tips

If your child doesn’t like to go to bed with a wet head, try to do her hair with sufficient time for it to air dry or use a hair diffuser to gently dry her hair. Put her hair up in a pineapple to preserve any loose styles and let her sleep on a satin pillowcase or use a satin/silk bonnet or scarf to protect her hair and preserve the style.

Start out with a protective style

Protective styles are long-lasting and minimize and make it possible for kids to get up and go, which is always a plus. Particularly in the early weeks when they are readjusting to a school schedule.

Refresh and go

When the alarm is off and little feet hit the ground, it’s time to perk up your child’s hair with a few spritzes of water or hair refresher. Mixing water with lavender oil will give their curls a great light fragrance and hydrate them for the day ahead. You may also want to play up your little girl’s hair with a few cute clips or a sparkly headband.

Teach love by example

Teaching your kids to love their curls from an early age can help in avoiding straightening desires and future damage down the road.

What hair routines to do you have with your little one?

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