School is right around the corner or, for the unlucky few, already here.

Unfortunately staying home is not an option; it’s kind of the law that you go. So we might as well look super fly from day one, because an awesome ‘do can give us unwavering confidence and set the stage for an amazing school year.

So here are this year’s hottest curly hairstyles that will have people asking you, “How did you get your hair like that?”


More versatile than you think!

Feathers are not just for your jewelry anymore. Many well-known celebs, and one or two super trendy women, have already jumped on the bandwagon. Even our very own Cassadie Blackwell tried feather hair extensions with much success! So, do a little hair hunting and find a stylist that can install the feathers. A bonus is that they can be styled like human hair, which means you can straighten or curl them and create different looks for different days!


For every clique, even yours!

A long time ago, in a far away kingdom, brightly colored streaks were just for the grunge and punk girls. Now, everyone seems to be getting in on the craze. The good thing about this style is that depending on how you do it, you will be able to add as many streaks or as little to suit your style. This way, everyone, from the boldest to the more tame curlies, can enjoy the look.

Plus, if you don’t like the permanence of dye, you can always get the clip-in hair streaks to suit your moods or better yet your outfits.

Fedoras & Beanies

Perfect for hiding bad hair days!

Cute hats are popping up everywhere, and in many different variations. They not only act as a chic accessory for an outfit, but as a way to hide a bad hair day. But, for the big haired curlies among us scratching their heads trying to figure out how to fit their hair under those hats, then check out the video at the end of this article!

Overall, it’s pretty simple. Just choose your the right hat styles for your face shape and your needs: large hats are better to hide your hair under, small and cute are better as accessories, and both come in plenty of colors to go with every outfit!

Chelsea Fregis


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