Show your stylist these photos before going blonde. 

17 Photos of Curly Blonde Hair to Show Your Stylist 

There are few hair changes more more predicable than the yearly cycle of considering going blonde before summer (although cutting your bangs post break-up is certainly up there). As the weather heats up and we start going out more and wearing less, hair also trends also change, swaying brighter, curlier, and more playful. If you’re going through the yearly curly blonde hair consideration phase, we’ve got you. To help you visualize what kind of blonde would pair best with your personal style and unique look, here’s a collection of 17 photos that you can show your stylist. 

1. Warm Blonde on Curly/Coily Hair

A warmer blonde can be great for anyone hoping to go lighter without damaging the integrity of your curls. Warm blonde curly hair also looks great with darker eyebrows.

2. Platinum Blonde on a Coily Tapered Cut

For tigher curls that want to show off their texture, try experimenting with a platinum blonde color. Since you this cut requires frequent hair cuts, your natural hair should be safer form damage.

3. Ashy Blonde with Dark Roots

Blonde comes in so many hues, but an ashy blonde color blends beautifully with darker roots and curly hair.

4. Golden Curls and Layers 

Warmer hues like golden blonde look great with layers to show off your texture. Golden blonde is also great if you want to keep growing your hair out.

5. Ombre Blonde on Curly Hair

Ombre hair color is having a major moment. Here’s an edgy example of a blonde ombre on curly hair.

6. Curly Blonde Balayage 

The first time I bleached my hair blonde was through a balayage, and it’s one of the best ways to to dip your toe into going lighter because you can continue to add more color over time, while you safely reach the desired blonde.

7. Curly Long Blonde Hair

Keeping your hair blonde, healthy, and growing is no easy feat. There is no trick, just maitentaince, patience, and knowing your hair very well.

Deciding between ombre and balayage? Here’s the difference, according to colorists.

8. Blonde Angular Bob

An edgy look with minimal maintenance. Warmer blonde bobs are a great if you don’t want to get a touch up every few months.

9. Platinum Blonde With bangs 

This is me, and before you show this to your stylist keep in mind that it took me nearly 5 years to get this blonde. Be patient if this is the final goal!

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10. Light Blonde with a Round Shape

This cool toned light blonde is so pretty on naturally curly hair, and pairs well with many curl types.

11. Platinum Blonde on a Curly TWA

I personally love when curlies do a big chop and then dye their hair platinum blonde. Talk about a transformation for Summer!

12. Ashy Silver Blonde on Curly Hair

A bold color on it’s own, but also a perfect base for experimenting with pastel temporary colors.

13. Blonde Highlights on Wavy/Curly Hair

This perfect Summer blonde highlights your natural texture without damaging the curls. This transformation is a brilliant example of how to blonde on curly hair right.

14. Honey Blonde Curly Hair

I love this shade of ashy and golden blonde. It pairs well with various hair types and the grow out always looks intentional. 

15. Long Curly Blonde Hair with Shadow Root 

This before and after transformation goes crazy! And points to how important it is to find a stylist with lots of experience bleaching curly hair safely. 

16. Low Maintenance Curly Blonde 

This blonde hairstyle only requires touch-ups every six months, making it the perfect low-maintenance curly blonde look.

17. Coily Curly Blonde Hair

An all over blonde that grows out effortlessly. 

So, there you have it – 17 photos of blonde curly hairstyles to show your stylist. Summer is just around the corner, so if you plan to take the plunge in to the wonderful world of blonde curly hair, do your research to find the blonde that will match your skin tone, maintenance needs and how to avoid the brassy, orange look.  Make sure to save this page to share with your stylist for inspiration!

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