First it was me, then it was Shakira and now Olivia Wilde has cut her waves into a cute medium length bob. Anyone seeing a trend here?

Our celebrity stylists might not have predicted this short chopping for the Spring season, though they were on the ball with 2012 color, but we're calling it now: spring 2012 is the season for short curly bob hairstyles!

Out with the old and in with the new is the lesson that Spring beacons to the world. People break up, clean their houses and buy new flip flops and open-toed heels to celebrate the coming warmer weather and happier times. Let's face it — no matter how much you love the snow, winter just brings out the cranky side in all of us. Summer, on the other hand, offers pools to calm and cool you down. Who can argue?

Starting the upcoming spring season off right with curly cuts seems to be the celebrity and curly hair editor trend. If you're thinking about making the chop too, here are some tips to make it worthwhile!

Find a professional curl stylist

We can't stress the importance of this enough. You may think their prices are over the top and so you keep falling back to either cutting your own or just heading down to the local salon for a trim, but we guarantee you that this is a mistake. Curly stylists know exactly how to treat curly hair, including the washing and setting of the curls, not just the cutting. If you don't want to fall off the all-natural, no-sulfate, or whatever bandwagon you are on, then you will want a find a curly hair stylist near you. A curly cut will completely change the way you think of your hair. It took me, editor here at NC.com, six months to give in to the cut, and I wish I would have done it from day one of my birth, not just of working here. And it was worth every penny.

Go in with fresh curls

If you are like me, you usually head over to the salon with day whatever hair that you know cannot be salvaged. I mean, they are going to cut it all off anyway, right? Wrong. For curly bob hairstyles, you should wash and set your curls either on the day of or the day before (meaning you walk in with second day hair). Many stylists cut curly hair dry, and if your hair pattern is not what your usual pattern looks like, the cut is not going to do much justice for you. Allow the method to work the way it's supposed to, and go in with fresh curls.

Pay attention to products and process

You're paying top dollar for a professional curly cut, so pay attention girl! The products they are using and the techniques they are employing are things you can do at home, and not do if they don't end up working! Ask questions about the products they are using and why, the classes they have taken and just general curly questions. These stylists are the real curly deal, so take advantage!

Maintenance isn't just an 11 letter word!

Seriously, trims are a major part of any healthy hair lifestyle, and of any major cut. If you are going to do the cut, be sure that you make the time to get the trims and keep your hair as healthy as possible. Maintenance is part of a healthy hair lifestyle, so schedule it in just as you do your DC and your mixtress moments.

Want More?

Looking for more short styles for spring? Check out our photo gallery of short curly hairstyles and find your new look!

Final Thoughts

What do you think of the trend in curly bob hairstyles? Are they in or what?