Having a regular self care routine is an essential part of maintaining my overall wellbeing because I am able to focus on every part of my health from the inside out.

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Practicing breathing meditation, speaking to a therapist, going thrifting, and getting massages are just some of the ways I have kept up with the relationship within myself for over a decade now. At 28 years old, I feel relatively healthier than ever despite living in chaotic New York City with a demanding schedule and a complicated chronic illness that requires constant attention. Here are a few of my favorite apps to keep my personal sanity and wellness intact.


Good news! Today the Shine Text creator introduced a new app which includes an effective audio feature called Mindful Moments that I cannot wait to use next time I am in need of some major chill during a hectic day. I have been using the text feature for more than a year to receive daily text messages of encouragement with links to relationship, work and self care advice. Download the app here.


Kinvite is a godsend for busy New Yorkers with a penchant for uplifting their communities and a craving for building genuine human connections that the city pace does not always allow. This app makes it easy for me to sift through the repetitive, mostly meaningless alcohol-induced small talk ramblings to find an event or community iniative that gives me more sense of purpose towards my own personal mission. Download the app here.


For years I would go to in-person therapy sessions until I discovered the bizarre but progressive world of virtual psychiatric services. Volunteering to air out my dirty laundry while sitting in front of a complete stranger is not always the most comfortable thing, but scheduling video appointments with a licensed professional certainly has helped me keep a safe guard up by being in the comfort of my own home while feeling compelled to let everything out so that it allows me to shed unwell feelings in a way that feels safe and effective. Download the app here.

Breathing Zone

If you have followed my work then you know what intentional breathing means to me on a deeply spiritual, personal level. This app is a powerful reminder to have better control of my breathing rate, which is super important for high-anxiety work obligations like speaking engagements or meeting tight deadlines. Breathing Zone is also helpful for those who suffer with chronic illness like myself, or anyone wanting to find useful ways to keep track of how they can lower their blood pressure. Download the app here.


For metric-driven personalities like mine, this app will give you all the good feels and encourage you to set healthy goals for yourself. Happify considers itself to be more technical and science-based in the fact that it shows users graphs and charts of their progress after completing certain mental exercises geared towards becoming happier. Just like my monthly spending apps, this one gives me a quick insight into my self care in a measurable yet uncomplicated way. Download the app here.


Believe it or not, the most popular social media tool can do a lot of good for those in need of positive reaffirmation through imagery. At times when I feel like I am going through something alone and need a mental pick-me-up, I log in and take a look around my Explore page to get pumped up and feel like I am part of a community with goals similar to my own. While I do try to limit my IG intake to a couple times a day, a routine check-in to see uplifting images and words around the world is always helpful for the mind, body and spirit. Download the app here.


Like Etsy? Then you will love this one. While some people use Amazon, this marketplace has been one of my go-tos for all things unique and creative. As a self-proclaimed thrifting junkie, I have the de-stressing technique at my fingertips by tapping on my phone's home screen to find literally a world of stylists, designers, artists, shops, collectors, vintage sellers, wardrobe hoarders, sneakerheads, and more selling goods. Download the app here.

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